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Update on Georgia’s 2020 Amendments to Lien Laws

As you may be aware, a September 2019 Georgia Court of Appeals case shook the foundation of Georgia’s Lien Laws by taking away contractors’ contract rights through lien waivers. After learning about this legal “disaster”, our attorneys have been actively trying to amend the Georgia Lien Law Statutes legislatively. Since the shelter-in-place orders began popping
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Update on Proposed Changes to Georgia Lien Laws (SB 315 2020)

Posted in Affidavit of Nonpayment,Case Law,Lien Waivers by Blue Blog on the February 7th, 2020

As many of our readers know, a recent Georgia Court of Appeals Case held that Georgia’s Statutory Lien Waivers (both Interim and Final) waive all rights a contractor or subcontractor have to their payments including their contractual right to payment (for more background details, click here). Most construction professionals agree that Georgia’s Lien Waivers should
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