Georgia Little Miller Act Claims and Litigation Attorneys

The Georgia legislature adopted a version of the Federal Miller Act to cover public works projects in Georgia, and this Georgia statute is commonly referred to as the Little Miller Act.  Construction professionals, including contractors, specialty subcontractors and material suppliers working on Georgia public works projects are obligated to comply with all of the requirements of the Little Miller Act.  Although it is similar to its Federal counterpart, the Georgia Miller Act has some distinct differences which can impact your business, your bids, and your payment bond claims

Georgia payment bond claims, for example, must meet strict deadlines, and the Cobb Law Group has prepared and defended hundreds of payment bond claims throughout the state.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff and attorneys help steer our clients through every step in the process–from preserving their claim with a Notice to Contractor, filing a payment bond claim, and, if necessary, litigating your claim against the surety.  Our Georgia construction law firm regularly provides guidance to prime contractors, specialty subcontractors, material suppliers on public works projects in Georgia. We also serve as counsel to corporate attorneys that need assistance in navigating the complex state regulations and surety disputes.

If you are working on a public works project anywhere in Georgia, then you need a law firm with the experience and expertise to confidently handle your Georgia’ Little Miller Act claim. Please contact us today to see how we can assist you.

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