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2009 Georgia Lien Law Changes: A Summary

by Mark A. Cobb Cobb Law Group Since our law firm has a significant core practice area in which we file and perfect mechanics & materialmen’s liens and payment bond claims throughout Georgia, we address prospective clients’ lien questions almost everyday.  We are surprised how many contractors and suppliers’ knowledge of Georgia’s construction lien requirements
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Affidavits of Payment, File Lien or Bond Claim–What do I do?

Posted in Affidavit of Nonpayment,Affidavit of Payment,Materilamen's Liens,Payment Bonds by Administrator on the March 14th, 2011

Recently, we wrote a post about Georgia Affidavits of Nonpayment which are documents with which every subcontractor and supplier working on Georgia construction projects should be familiar. In summary, if you sign a lien waiver but you don’t receive payment, then within 60 days of the date of the lien waiver, you must file an
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I Signed a Lien Waiver, but I Haven’t Been Paid; What Can I Do?

I signed a Lien Waiver, but I haven’t gotten Paid What Can I Do? We are getting more and more questions about lien waivers every day so that tells me something is rotten in the State of Denmark, but I’ll leave that discussion for another time.  Here, in a nutshell, is an basic overview of
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