Mechanics & Materialmen’s Lien Foreclosure Attorneys in Georgia


Georgia’s statutory scheme for enforcement and foreclosure of Mechanics and Materialmen’s liens requires strict compliance from those exercising their rights under the statutes.  The Cobb Law Group has successfully filed hundreds and perhaps thousands of construction liens in virtually every county in Georgia.  Frequently, our clients received payment for their lien claims without having to resort to litigation.  However, if the lien is not paid, then a lawsuit must be filed within one year of date that the claim of lien was filed; otherwise, the lien will automatically expire.

Our clients look to our experience and proven performance to meet their statutory deadlines and prosecute their claims.  Pursuant to Georgia law, a lien claimant may not be able to seek restitution from the party with whom it contracted and, simultaneously, attempt foreclosure of its lien against the real property owner so it is vital that the lawyer you choose understands and complies with all of the requirements of the Georgia Mechanics and Materialmen’s Lien Act.  For decades, the Cobb Law Group has advised nationally recognized material and equipment suppliers as well as regional and local specialty subcontractors and contractors, and we are pleased that many of our clients have remained with us since the earliest years in our firms history.

If you hold a Claim of Lien anywhere in Georgia and need experienced lawyers with an exceptional knowledge of our state’s lien laws, then please contact us today.