Our firm’s strength lies in it’s decades of experience in construction litigation; handling complex matters such as performance issues, default, damages, liquidated damages, flow-down provisions, Miller Act litigation, and materialmen lien foreclosures have given our litigators a great deal of experience.  Since we regularly represent business owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers, we understand our clients’ businesses from every side.

The breadth of our experience and client-base allows the Cobb Law Group to be able to handle virtually every sort of commercial dispute.  Infact, we regularly represent corporations and unincorporated business entities, their directors and partners, their financial advisors, and their shareholders and creditors in a wide array of adversarial and summary proceedings. The firm’s Georgia construction law practice has involved significant engagements in shareholder class and derivative proceedings, partner and member disputes, proceedings under the Georgia Business Corporation Code and alternative entities laws as well as other matters involving fiduciary and contract obligations including disputes involving

  • Georgia Business Corporation Code
  • Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code
  • Georgia’s Uniform Partnership Act
  • Georgia Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act
  • Georgia Limited Liability Company Act

In most business disputes, the first-step involves a good-faith effort to understand and attempt resolution of the dispute.  Unfortunately, this does not always work; when this happens, our attorneys have the experience to handle your dispute.  We regularly file suits to prosecute our clients’ claims as well as preparing Answers, Countersuits, Cross-Claims and other defensive pleadings when are clients are sued.  During discovery and the motions practice, we communicate with our clients and keep them up-to-date on the events impacting their positions.

In addition to commercial lawsuits and litigation, we regularly represent clients at the mediation table and in arbitration.  Alternative dispute resolution can offer clients and disputes a quicker, more-efficient, less-expensive means to resolve their disputes. In addition to advocating on behalf of a party involved in arbitration or mediation, Mark Cobb and James Eubanks serve as third-party neutrals in commercial disputes, construction-related matters, and local government disputes.  Our experience and knowledge or business can aids in resolving your commercial, employment and construction disputes.

For information on how the Business Litigation practice can help your business, please contact us.
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