Georgia Notice of Commencement Form Offered Online to Clients

How to File a Notice of Commencment in Georgia

The construction lawyers at the Cobb Law Group are pleased to announce that, starting today, clients may obtain the current Georgia Notice of Commencement form online through our Virtual Law Firm.  It’s easy, it’s secure, and it helps project owners and general contractors keep track of the sub-subcontractors and material suppliers working on their construction projects.  To access our online construction documents for Georgia including the Notice of Commencement, please click here > >

Options Offer Cost-Savings to Clients:  Clients who have used our Virtual Law Firm in the past find that the “limited representation” offered by the site provides useful legal documents with excellent cost-saving opportunities.  In addition to the already lower costs for Georgia legal documents offered through this site, we are pleased to offer two different options to our clients applicable to preparing and filing of the Georgia Notice of Commencement documents: One option allows the client to save even more money by doing some of the work themselves if they are willing to file their Notice of Commencement with the clerk of court (we provide the cover letter and instructions!).  Using the alternate option, we will file the Notice of Commencement on behalf of our client and, after recording, upload a copy of the recorded notice.

Note on Legal Descriptions: A Notice of Commencement on a public works project does not have to include a legal description in order to be valid; however, a Notice of Commencement for a private project must include a metes-and-bounds legal description in order to be valid.  Our Notice of Commencement services give our clients the option of either providing the legal description themselves, or they may purchase one through our website.

Remember, pursuant to Georgia’s Mechanics and Materialmen’s Lien Law, general contractors may file a Notice of Commencement on any projects in Georgia; if a valid Notice is filed, then third-tier subcontractors, laborers, and material suppliers must provide a Notice to Owner and a Notice to Contractor  (sometimes called a Notice of Furnishing) within the first 30 days in which they begin working on the project or begin supplying materials to the job site.  Filing a Notice of Commencement is a great way for prime contractors to (i) know who is working on the job, (ii) limit potential lien and/or payment bond claimants, and (iii) know from whom to request lien waivers prior to making payments.  Please click here > > for our article on how Georgia general contractors can use Notices of Commencement to their advantage!

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