Hire a Veteran!

Georgia Construction Law Attorneys who File Liens

by:  Mark A. Cobb

The Cobb Law Group appreciates the sacrifices made by our country’s military veterans, and we are pleased to share a wonderful resource for our readers.  If you have a job vacancy–construction or otherwise–then you should consider the American Jobs for American Heroes website which allows you to post a free job advertisement.  The web site is designed to put more than 60,000 unemployed National Guard members and military veterans back to work in private sector jobs.  This could be a great resource for Georgia’s prime contractors, specialty trade contractors and material suppliers to find and hire skilled, trustworthy employees and help out a veteran.

If you (or anyone you know) seeks trained, experienced, and reliable employees, then you can register at the American Jobs for American Heroes website and easily post your  job openings for free!  The campaign is an initiative of the Corporate America Supports You and the Military.  According to the website, national guardsmen have much to offer employers as these individuals are trained to be both leaders and to work as part of a team.  In addition, the National Guard provides more than 107 types of training, many of which correspond directly to types of skills training provided by companies for their employees, and includes those skills necessary for our clients and their construction, development and contracting projects in such diverse areas as electrical, equipment operation, drafting, logistics, and HVAC.

One sobering point–the website mentions results from mobilizations.  Apparently, National Guardsmen who return home from Iraq and Afghanistan experience a tremendous amount of stress when it comes to the prospect of unemployment upon their return.  For example, the website says, “the 41st BCT Army National Guard out of Oregon returned from deployment in April 2010 and reported 969 out of approximately 3,000 soldiers faced unemployment. This statistic, a staggering 34%, was obtained at the demobilization station before soldiers had even returned to home station. Once the unit is home for a short time the rate for the unit is expected to rise to as much as 54%”.

Please leave a comment if you are a veteran returning home from deployment and looking for a job or if you are an employer posting a construction job opening on the web site, and know that the Georgia construction attorneys at the Cobb Law Group appreciate everything you do!

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