By focusing only on construction law, the Cobb Law Group delivers the finest legal representation to its clients throughout the State of Georgia. Regardless of whether you are looking for a strategic partner to help you with bidding, contracts, risk assessment and management or whether a contractor is threatening to stop payments or file a lawsuit, we offer great experience and knowledge to help your business. Please click on each of the links below to see a full list of our unique legal services offered throughout Georgia:

Assessing and Mitigation Construction Risks
Arbitration & Mediation (representation of one of the parties)
Arbitration & Mediation (as a third-party neutral)
Bonding Law
Business Law for Construction Professionals
Construction Arbitration
Construction Collections
Construction Contract Drafting, Review, and Negotiation
Construction Defects
Construction Labor Law
Attorney for Construction Litigation
Construction Mediation
Consultants to the Construction Industry
Contractor Affidavits
Contractor Liability
Contractor Licensing Issues
Contractors Performance Bonds
Credit Practices for Material Suppliers
Design Professional Claims & Defense
Employment Law for Construction Professionals
Environmental Construction Law
Foreclosure of Materialmen’s Liens
General Business Litigation
General Construction Law
Georgia Materialman’s and Mechanic’s Lien Lawyer
Georgia Subcontractor Law
Governmental Affairs
Joint Ventures and Teaming Agreements
Land Use Planning
Material Supplier Credit Consultants
Materialmen’s Liens (Mechanics Liens/Construction Liens/Contractor Liens)
Materialmen’s Lien Contest (Contest of Liens)
Miller Act Claims and Litigation
Payment Bond Claims (Miller Act, et alia)
Payment Bond Litigation (Miller Act, et alia)
Performance Bonds Claims
Preliminary Lien Rights
Prompt Payment Act Claims
Public Construction Law
Public Works
Restructuring of Construction-related businesses
Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation
Seminars on Georgia Construction Law
Subcontractor Law
Suretyship & Indemnification
Workers Compensation for Contractors

Construction law is a very unique area of law; it’s genesis is business law and commercial litigation, but modern construction projects are so complex and involve so many parties that a general business lawyer has difficulty keeping up with all of the moving parts.  From project delays to mobilization, we understand the priorities important to our clients.  For example, we prefer to take a proactive stance when possible to shift the risk inherent in contracting from our clients to others; as strategic business partners with our clients, we help them asses their risks and, where possible, mitigate any exposure which they may face.  Planning begins at a business’ inception with its corporate structure and business practices as well as each project’s start as you evaluate the bid documents, the architectural or engineering plans, and perform due diligence on the other participants on the construction project.

Clients from across the country rely upon our experience and our legal knowledge of Georgia construction law.  From our offices in Atlanta and South Georgia, we cover the entire state for our clients regardless of the location of their projects.  If you seek a qualified, professional construction lawyer to assist with a new development, please consider using our services.

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