Homeowners and home-builders often find themselves involved in a dispute with one another which require outside assistance to resolve.  However, hiring a traditional attorney for these disputes commonly result in high legal fees, additional delays, and continued stress and frustration.  

In lieu of hiring an attorney to represent you, we suggest that you consider using the Cobb Law Group’s Residential Dispute Resolution.  It is a mediation process that gives you the ability to make decisions and reconcile your differences. Other call this process a pre-suit neutral or a neutral analysis; but we call is a solution for an impasse between owner and builder.  If both the homeowner and home-builder agree to mediate the situation, then your issues are likely to be resolved:

  • for a low-cost, flat fee
  • quickly
  • amicably

The homeowner/home-builder mediation used by the Cobb Law Group provides the parties with the tools to find a solution. We are construction lawyers and paralegals who have decades of experience in the field, and we want to help you successfully and quickly resolve any problems between the builder and the owner.

The Process: We keep our process simple on purpose.  Construction mediation should focus on solving the difficulties between the owner and the builder; the process should be streamlined, efficient and easy to understand.  To learn more about the our Residential Dispute Resolution Process, please click here > >

The Fees: Like our process, we keep our fees simple.  We charge one, fee for the entire process. To see our current fee schedule, please click here > >

Our Mediators: Our mediators are seasoned professional who understand the construction industry.  We have successfully represents, owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in every aspect of their projects.  You can trust us to mediate fairly and responsibly to help you reach a resolution.