Increasingly, project owners, general contractors, and subcontractors recognize the need to add mandatory mediation or mandatory arbitration provisions into their construction contracts.  When disputes occur on a project, these provisions can offer a quicker, less expensive opportunity to resolv3 the problems which the parties face, and you can trust our attorneys to advocate on your behalf.  Our construction mediation attorneys have mediated and arbitrated complex construction matters across Georgia and the Southeast.  In addition to actively representing clients during construction arbitration or mediation, several members of our firm are Georgia certified mediators and arbitrators; consequently, we understand these processes from all sides of the table.  In short, we have the experience and the knowledge to help you with your claims.

Creative Problem Solving for Owners and Contractors:  Our construction lawyers always apply sound business principals and work with the client collaboratively.  In fact, our unique experience and approach allow us to utilize these alternative dispute resolution methods to creatively problem-solve on behalf of our clients.  For example, in construction litigation cases, the parties are limited to monetary damages; however, in mediation, we have seen parties agree to return to the job-site, replace supervisors, and offer apologies to the offending parties.

Crises on construction projects often need to be addressed quickly, and our construction law attorneys are prepared to respond quickly.  Formal and informal mediation is often the quickest  method to dispute resolution, and it can keep your project running, address payment issues promptly, and promote congeniality between the various project participants.  More importantly, it can save our clients money over more traditional methods of  Complex construction litigation, conversely, tends to be much more expensive and can requires years to reach a resolution; consequently, most construction contracts provide for mediation or arbitration as a means for ab alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

Furthermore, our attorneys understand the rules and various approaches used by mediators and arbitrators.  Whether a construction contract requires compliance with the American Arbitration Associations Rules for the Construction Industry or other rules and guidelines, we understand  their purpose and exceptions.

The construction attorneys at the Cobb Law Group have a tremendous amount of construction mediation and arbitration experience utilizing various third-party neutrals throughout Georgia  If you have a claim that has been referred to mediation or arbitration, please contact us today.