For more than 20 years, the Cobb Law Group has excelled in its statewide practice in construction law with an emphasis on filing materialmen’s liens, mechanic’s liens, and construction liens Read More About Us >>

The Cobb Law Group serves construction professionals throughout the state of Georgia from its offices in Atlanta and South Georgia. We provide a full-service construction law practice with an emphasis on drafting and negotiating construction contracts for owners and contractors, filing and enforcing materialmen’s liens, making payment bond claims on both public works projects and private construction projects, as well as litigating complex construction cases.

We believe that the participants of construction projects share one goal – the timely completion of a successful project. Thus, it is vital that the project owners, general contractors, and subcontractors be given the opportunity to succeed beginning in the early stages of project development, continuing through the bidding phase, and culminating with the construction contract. We draft and negotiate construction contracts and general conditions for all types of commercial projects including hotels, shopping centers, franchise developments, office buildings, and warehouses. Our decades of experience drafting contracts at various levels–between owners and general contractors as well as between contractor and subcontractors and suppliers–separate us from other law firms. With an understanding of the law and our clients’ bottom-line, we appreciate the risks and rewards of each project and can help protect our clients’ interests, shift their risks, and promote successful project completion. From the bidding process to the occupancy of your building, we are able to become a part of your construction and development team.

When projects do not proceed as planned, our attorneys and staff are prepared to offer sound, legal assistance. When payment problems occur we understand the strategies and legal remedies to help you recover your money. We have successfully filed and prosecuted thousands of Georgia materialmen’s liens on behalf of contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, heavy equipment supplies, and design professionals including many multi-million dollar lien claims. In fact, as recognized leaders in the field, we publish the only blog focused on Georgia lien law and construction collections.

The Cobb Law Group’s lawyers understand surety issues impacting construction projects. We have successfully represented sureties, owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in payment and performance bond claims. We regularly handle Miller Act claims, Georgia’s Little Miller Act claims, as well as private construction project payment bonds. We enforce our client’s rights on Federal Public Works projects and projects owned by the State of Georgia or any of its municipalities.

Confucius is credited with saying “Good lawyers win lawsuits, great lawyers prevent lawsuits. We should make it our aim that there be no lawsuits at all.” Although no one voluntarily elects to participate in construction litigation, the attorneys at the Cobb Law Group have the experience, knowledge, and resources to handle the complex construction litigation claims that our clients face. For over 20 years, we have assisted our clients in some of Georgia’ largest projects and claims. Our construction contracting and business skills are unparalleled as we integrate your legal rights with sound business practices. Regardless whether a client is involved in a lawsuit, an arbitration, or a mediation, our services stand out as we strive for just and timely results.

Our attorneys are leaders in Georgia construction law, frequently publishing articles on construction contracting, materialmen’s liens, and payment bond claims and lecturing extensively for many professional construction organizations in Georgia and nationally. The Cobb Law Group’s experienced attorneys and staff maintain an active and constantly growing construction law practice throughout the State of Georgia. We welcome the opportunity to help you with your construction law needs.

Clients of our firm quickly discover the advantages of hiring us. As one of the few statewide law firms in Georgia which focuses on the rights and remedies of subcontractors and material suppliers, our construction law attorneys have filed and perfected thousands of mechanics and materialmen’s liens in virtually every county in the state; similarly, we have handled an extensive list of payment bond claims and construction bond issues on public and private projects throughout Georgia and on Federal projects elsewhere including Miller Act litigation. Our construction contracting and business skills are unparalleled as we integrate your legal rights with sound business practices. If you contact us, you will find that our professionalism, our knowledge and our experience allow us to provide you with top-quality, specialized legal representation at fair prices.

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