One of the earliest segments of our practice was the representation of specialty subcontractors and material suppliers working on private projects as well as federal and state public works projects throughout Georgia.  Although Subcontractor Law may not yet be a defined area of legal study in law schools, the Cobb Law Group has been–and continues to be–a pioneer in this burgeoning field.  In fact, we authered a 28-page booklet called The Georgia Material Supplier Collection Handbook (to get your free copy, please click here >>)We are proud that our clients range from small start-up contracting businesses to Fortune 500 material suppliers, and we understand the unique combination of business law and construction law vital for our clients’ success in today’s competitive construction market.

The subcontractor attorneys at the Cobb Law Group are active are at the forefront of Georgia Subcontractor Law; in fact, founder and principal member Mark Cobb has co-authored a book on Subcontractor Law which was published by the American Bar Association (ABA) in 2014 (for more information on the American Subcontractor Law book, please click here).  In addition, our firm maintains active memberships with the Associated General Contractors (AGC), Associated General Contractors of Georgia (AGC Georgia), the American Subcontractors Association (ASA), Construction Suppliers Association (CSA), and other regional and local organizations benefiting and education Georgia’s trade subcontractors and suppliers.

Our lawyers have decades of experience handling all types of matters unique to subcontractors and suppliers, and we have hosted and participated in multiple seminars and training sessions on behalf of our clients.  In addition, we have published extensively on Georgia legal issues related to construction professionals (and we maintain an active blog on Georgia construction law including Georgia materailmen lien law and payment bond requirements).  It means a great deal to our clients that we are not a general practice firm; instead, as leaders of Georgia’s construction law bar, we advocate on behalf of our clients.  Our practice is limited to this one field of construction law, thus our experience at solving problems, litigating matters, filings bond claims and lien claims is unparalleled.

We understand the unique issues facing subcontractors and material suppliers.  Thus, we have successfully handled 1000s of materialmen lien and payment bond claims when our clients’ have payment problems.  Similarly, we have drafted and negotiated 1000s of subcontract agreements often finding a more favorable position for our clients.  We have successfully defended subcontractors in delay claims, default issues, and all other various issues associated with construction litigation as well as construction collection matters.

If you are a subcontractor or supplier working on or providing materials for any Georgia construction project contact us today to see how our experience and dedication can help you improve your bottom line including the following areas of practice:

What is “Subcontractor Law” and is it a New Legal Specialty?  From a practical point, subcontractor law has been practiced by lawyers since the 1800’s; however, as the American legal systems has become more complex, Subcontract Law has developed into a unique area of law with just a handful of experienced lawyers.  Specialty trade contractors and suppliers of construction materials and equipment have different rights, remedies and defenses than general contractors or project owners.  Similarly, there are different Georgia statutes and federal laws governing them.  Good construction law attorneys understand these statutes, as well as their contract rights, the unique licensing requirements, and their very unique business models in order to help the specialty trade contractor or supplier succeed in today’s competitive building market.  Georgia Subcontract Law combines all of the areas of law affecting subcontractor and materialmen into one area of practice.

Where Can I Learn About Subcontractor Law in Georgia?  As we mentioned above, the Cobb Law Group’s founder and senior partner, Mark Cobb, has been co-authoring a national book on Subcontractor Law (publication date 2014); in order to learn about Georgia’s subcontract law, we suggest that you do all of the following:

  • subscribe to our Georgia Construction, Lien & Bond Blog (subscribe here > > );
  • download our free handbook on Georgia’s Law for Subcontractors and Material Suppliers (click here > > );
  • subscribe to our firm’s subcontractor newsletter (subscribe here > > );
  • contact us to lead a seminar on Georgia Subcontractor Law to your employees and salesmen or professional association (get information here > > ); and
  • join a large group of construction professionals by becoming a client of the Cobb Law Group!

Can I Afford an Attorney Who Focuses on Subcontractor Law?  Absolutely.  First, the attorneys at the Cobb Law Group have established very competitive and reasonable rates (often, very competitive with “general practitioners lawyers”); Second, we understand all aspects of Subcontractor Law (construction contract drafting, materialmen liens, payment bonds, prompt payment acts, retainage, payment applications,AIA documents, etc.) so you will find that many of your questions and needs can be met in substantially less time than a non-subcontractor lawyer would require, and this equals tremendous savings!  Third, although legal costs are not always predictable, we do our best to review pending matters and costs with our clients at every opportunity to prevent unexpected amounts.  Fourth, we listen to our clients and we recognize that not every legal matter requires a masterpiece so you’ll find that we customize our service based upon your needs.

Who Can Benefit from A Subcontract Attorney?  The obvious answer is Subcontractors!  But, Subcontract Law includes materialmen, equipment suppliers, engineers, foresters, architects, and virtually every other construction professional.  Although the majority of our clients are subcontractors and suppliers working on Georgia projects, we also have a good rooster of clients who are project developers, real estate owners and general contractors.  Our experience and knowledge of Georgia construction law is unmatched no matter your role in the building process.

Call Us Today:  If you need dependable legal counsel on any aspect of Georgia Subcontractor Law including subcontracts, BIM construction, AIA subcontract documents, Georgia mechanics and materialmen’s liens, Georgia Prompt Payment Act, federal or Georgia public works projects, payment bond claim filing, or anything else related to your business, please email us or call us at (866) 960-9539 to speak with an experienced Georgia Subcontractor Law attorney today!
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