Construction and Credit Department Consultants

Although we are lawyers, we are also experienced consultants to the construction industry as we provide extensive consulting services to our clients.  In fact, many national and regional firms use the professional Georgia construction law consulting services offered by the attorneys and staff of the Cobb Law Group in order to improve their bottom line. In today’s competitive market, it is imperative that firms implement and maintain efficient business practices, and we can help!  We offer consulting services in the following areas:

∙    Credit Departments
∙    Pre-Construction Notice Requirements (such as Notices of Commencements and Notices to Owner)
∙    Materialmen’s Lien Filing Departments
∙    Collection Departments
∙    Project Consulting
∙    Best business practices
∙    Other areas related to the construction industry
∙    How to reduce Waste
∙    Increase Profitability
∙    The Future of the Construction Industry

In addition to decades of legal experience, filing and perfecting construction lien claims and foreclosure actions, construction attorney Mark Cobb has the added benefit of teaching business and economics at both the undergraduate level and the masters level.  Thus, he is constantly adding the latest business practices theories to his repertoire.  His construction business consulting services can aid clients in making vital, economic decisions including:

∙    developing credit policies for extending credit to your customers
∙    accounting
∙    staffing
∙    in-house counsel vs. outside counsel
∙    when to employ third-party collectors
∙    fees charged by counsel and third-party collectors
∙    project management essentials
∙    employing economic analysis to your business

Our construction consultants help you identify areas in your business which need improvement–perhaps your profits are disappearing due to inefficiency or maybe your costs of production are too high.  Regardless, our in-depth analysis can help your business refine its goals, increase profits, and decide which projects can be feasibly outsourced.  We develop specific plans tailored to the micro-economic needs of business, your particular, professional environment, and the trends involving current macroeconomic factors.  We can help position your business for future success.

Regardless of your role in the construction industry, we can help.  We consult with project developers, prime contractors, specialty trade subcontractors and material suppliers to boost their business goals and profitability.  If you are interested in learning more about our consultation services, please call 770-886-5890 today or email us.

The Cobb Law Group is a Georgia construction law firm with a significant practice in preparing and filing materialmen’s liens, payment bond claims, and construction contract drafting.  Consequently, we have worked with all levels and sizes of companies from Fortune 100 companies to mom-and-pop subcontractors. This experience has given us a wide-range of experiences and knowledge into the unique world of the construction industry.  We have seen best business practices and worst business practices and can use our knowledge to help your company remain competitive. We have worked with credit departments and construction collection departments across the country and can use these lessons which we have learned improve your bottom line.  Whether it is a failure to timely enforce bad debt by filing materialmen’s liens and payment bond claims or whether you have questions how your front-office should organize contracts, change orders and lien waivers, we can help.

The Cobb Law Group is a full-service construction business law firm representing clients on projects throughout Georgia.  Let our experience help you!

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