Many of our Georgia construction law clients prefer the convenience of a virtual law office which allows legal advice to be obtained online from a lawyer licensed to practice in Georgia. It is free to register with the Cobb Law Group virtual law office.

What is a Virtual Law Office?

The Cobb Law Group virtual law office provides a secure website that’s available to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week through their computer. You can use our virtual law platform for secure client attorney communications, completion of online forms, secure sharing of confidential documents, client files, and client account information.

What can I do in the Virtual Law Office?:

  • Consult with an attorney regarding your legal needs in a secure online website
  • Ask questions and get legal advice through personal, threaded discussions
  • Order services, such as a Notice to Owner, Notice of Commencement, Georgia Materialmen’s Lien, Interim Lien Waiver, Final Lien Waivers, incorporation documents, demand letters, etc.
  • Receive legal services and documents online
  • Chose the specific services you require
  • Access invoices and pay legal bills
  • Make an appointment for in person, full service help as needed

How are legal fees charges in the Virtual Law Firm?

Everything has a flat-fee; thus, the Virtual Law Office allows you to chose the specific, unbundled legal services you need, and the price for each of our services are disclosed on the website. Because you chose your need and input your information, the legal fees through the Virtual Law Office are often less than that charged for full service legal services. We can make our fees affordable because internet interaction is often quicker and affords us the ability to lower our overhead costs.

Sample fees for services:

How to Get Started:

To use the VLO, you must register for a free account. During the registration process, you will be given the terms and conditions for site use. Keep your registration information (username and password) private and use it to log onto the site to view threaded discussions between you and an attorney. Cobb Law Group gives you the option of being notified via email upon attorney response to your VLO query. After you create your account, you may click on “Ask a Question” and submit information concerning your legal matter. We will conduct a conflicts check and if there is no conflict, our attorneys will answer your question and provide a no obligation quote for legal services.

Sign on to Cobb Law Group’s secure Virtual Law Office now!