Only a Georgia construction law attorney can give you legal advice about Georgia law.  Although we are a brick-and-mortar law firm–through the use of technology and modern business models–we now offer a new way of delivering legal services in Georgia!

As lawyers licensed to practice in the state of Georgia, we offer affordable, online legal services for those needing Georgia construction law, commercial collections, and small business law advice and documents. Our legal forms and documents include limited legal review/advice.   It is important to note that we are not just a document preparation web site. We are a Georgia construction law firm representing businesses, material suppliers, specialty subcontractors, general contractors and others in the field while offering limited legal services in a variety of legal matters to our clients: Our goal is to make access to law as easy and as affordable to everyone as possible.  Here’s all you need to do:

  1. 1.  Register as a client of the law firm: There is no cost to do this.  You must be a Georgia resident or have a matter that is within the jurisdiction of Georgia in order to use our services;
  2. 2.  Choose the document(s) you wish to purchase:  You will see a list of documents which we offer on-line; you click on a document name to purchase it and pay for your documents;
  3. 3.  Complete an online Questionnaire; you can always save your entries and complete the questionnaire later;
  4. 4.  Submit your questionnaire to us; please go to your MyLegalAffairs web space and submit your questionnaire to us (the questionnaire is not automatically sent to us upon completion, you must click the “submit” button);
  5. 5.  Attorney Review:  An attorney will review your submitted Questionnaire and contact you if additional information is needed to clarify your intent. If necessary, we will draft language to make sure the document reflects your intent and is right for your circumstances;
  6. 6.  Print & Execute your document:  When your completed document is ready (usually within two business days), we will upload it to your MyLegalAffairs web space and notify you via e-mail; simply log into your secure web space to review, download and print your completed document.

We are excited to offer some of our legal services online.  If you need, for example, the current Georgia form for a lien waiver, you are able to access that form right here.  We are always adding new Georgia forms and unbundled legal services, so please check back often.  Currently, we include the following forms for use in Georgia available for online purchase:

Georgia Form Lien Releases:

Georgia Notice to Owner & Notice to Contractor Forms:

Georgia Notice of Commencement Forms:

Georgia Business Documents and Forms: