S.B. 269 Pending Legislation Could Be Great for Georgia Lien Claimants

Georgia Lien Law Changes

by Mark A. Cobb

Virginia Construction Lawyer, Christopher G. Hill, maintains the highly-regarded blog “Construction Law Musings”.  He recently honored the Cobb Law Group by requesting that Mark Cobb write a guest post.  Mark chose to write about some pending Georgia legislation which is based on a Virginia statue.   Sen. Lindsey Tippins (R-Marietta) recently introduced S.B. 269 which, if passed, would give Georgia mechanics and materialmen’s liens priority over a deed to secure debt by requiring distributions from a foreclosure sale to first be used to satisfy the liens.  The impact of this legislation has a tremendous benefit to Georgia lien claimants, and we urge our readers to contact their legislators to vote in favor of this bill.  To learn more about this bill, please read Mark’s guest blog > >



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