New Years Resolutions for Contractors and Suppliers

Best Practices for Georgia Contractors and Suppliers

by Mark A. Cobb

Welcome to the new year!  It’s January and that means there are new-years resolutions being made in great abundance.  Self-improvement is always a good idea, but January can also be used to break bad business habits and replace them with better practices.  Thus, we hereby offers our New Year’s Resolutions for the construction industry:

  • RESOLVE to have your construction contracts reviewed and revised to improve their enforceability, to properly shift risks, and better define a project’s scope
  • Georgia General Contractors should RESOLVE to file proper Notices of Commencement on every construction project
  • Third-tier subcontractors and suppliers should RESOLVE to timely send Notices to Contractors and Notices to Owners (NTOs)
  • RESOLVE to use only Georgia’s statutory Interim Lien Waiver form and Final Lien Waiver form (they waive payment bond claims too!)
  • RESOLVE to remember that if you wait more than 60 days from the date of a Georgia lien waiver, the lien waiver becomes unconditional which means that you cannot recover the money you are owed
  • RESOLVE to work harder as today’s construction market place requires the best of each and every individual
  • RESOLVE to give your construction attorney time to prepare and file your Georgia mechanics and materialmen’s liens
  • Suppliers and materialmen should RESOLVE to update their credit applications and obtain more information which is useful to judgment collection
  • Non-resident contractors working in Georgia should RESOLVE to register with the Georgia Department of Revenue and obtain their sales tax bond
  • RESOLVE to purchase (and maintain!) all pertinent types of insurance including workers’ comp, general liability, an umbrella policy, automobile insurance, etc.
  • RESOLVE to address issues on construction projects as soon as you become aware of them rather than letting a small issue snowball into a larger problem
  • RESOLVE to pay your bills on time
  • RESOLVE to submit accurate, signed pay apps
  • RESOLVE to treat your employees and subordinates (well, everyone) the way that you want to be treated
  • RESOLVE to implement (and maintain!) better bookkeeping & record keeping methods
  • For plumbers (others?), RESOLVE to cover-up that plumber’s butt
  • RESOLVE to implement technology to lower your cost and improve your efficiency
  • RESOLVE to keep signed, daily construction logs
  • RESOLVE to know your rights as a prime contractor, a specialty subcontractor, or as a material supplier
  • Contractors and specialty sub-contractors should RESOLVE to promptly pay their subcontractors and suppliers after they receive payment
  • RESOLVE to adopt a policy of integrity for every aspect of your business
  • RESOLVE to become more active in any number of great contractor groups such as AGC (Associated General Contractors), ASA (American Subcontractors Association), or CSA (Construction Suppliers Association)
  • RESOLVE to honor your business contracts
  • RESOLVE to stop procrastinating
  • RESOLVE to constantly strive to be your best
  • RESOLVE to take a vacation and relax
  • RESOLVE to improve the professionalism of the construction industry

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