To a lender, perhaps nothing can seem as frustrating as a debtor filing bankruptcy.  Business is disrupted, creditors, suppliers and customers are often left holding the bag, late fees and interest accumulates, and the lender’s hands are seemingly tied.  The lawyers of the Cobb Law Group represent creditors’ rights throughout the State of Georgia, and we understand these frustrations very well.  We ensure that your rights as a creditor are articulated, advanced and enforced.

What We Do

For more than 20 years, the Cobb Law Group has excelled in its statewide practice in Georgia construction law with an emphasis on filing materialmen’s liens, mechanic’s liens, and construction liens as well as enforcing payment bond claim rights, Miller Act and Little Miller Act litigation, business & corporate law and commercial collections for the construction industry. We represent numerous businesses, material suppliers, specialty subcontractors, general contractors, and others in the field throughout Georgia.

We are not general practitioners; instead, we focus our practice towards those in the construction industry. Our firm represents clients in all Georgia state and federal courts in the preparation and filing of mechanics’ liens; perfecting, enforcing and foreclosing upon materialmen’s liens; making claims against payment & surety bonds, and all aspects of construction litigation related to materialmen’s liens and payment bond enforcement.

The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 changed the landscape of bankruptcy law.  Changes in homestead (rules / limits) affected Georgia creditors, and we have experience representing national creditor clients in all forms of bankruptcy proceedings, including Chapter 11 reorganizations, Chapter 7 liquidations and Chapter 13 filings.  We can help:

  • Negotiate and draft carve outs and interim financing agreements
  • File proofs of claim to protect a creditor’s interest
  • Move to Lift the Automatic Stay enabling a lender to take back collateral
  • Review and vote on a debtor’s Chapter 11 Plan
  • Commence and pursue adversary proceedings to enforce a creditor’s rights
  • Object to a debtor’s discharge
  • Represent a creditor in an unsecured creditors’ committee
  •  Represent defendants in preference payment or other avoidance actions

At the Cobb Law Group, we are focused on your business and organization.  We assist businesses in all areas of business law.  Contact us today to discuss your needs with our knowledgeable and helpful legal team.

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