Commercial Collection Throughout Georgia

In today’s business environment, fast and effective recovery of your accounts receivables are critical to your company’s success no matter where you are located in Georgia. In fact, cash flow can be your most valuable asset in today’s economy.  Thus,  it is vital that you entrust your past-due accounts to commercial debt collection professionals such as the attorneys at the Cobb Law Group.  Let our expertise and professionalism deliver the past-due balance recovery results you need without compromising current business relationships.

Debt Recovery For Your Unique Situation:  If your business needs to collect past due balances anywhere in the State of Georgia, our collection lawyers and staff can assist you in increasing your revenues and improving your bottom-line through demand-for-payment letters, establishment of payment plans, mediation and arbitration, consent judgments, and, if necessary, litigation.  Fortunately, most of our matters do not reach the litigation stage, however, as we strive to reach resolution as quickly as possible on behalf of our client.

Recovery Debt Quickly:  Frequently, our direct contact with your commercial debtor results in a mutually satisfactory payment plan which may add “teeth” to your existing arrangements by adding a personal guarantor or adding a security interest.   It is not unusual that a courteous but strong request for payment from an experienced Georgia lawyer can prompt payment with minimum disruption of a business relationship.

Adding “Bite” to Your Collection “Bark”:  Of course, not every collection matter is resolved so easily, and we have a great deal of experience with complex collection matters as well as obtaining judgments throughout the State of Georgia and enforcing post-judgment collection through discovery aids, sheriff levies and Georgia garnishments.  In other words, we work hard to reduce the bad debt on your balance sheets.  We offer a wide range of services (available in every county in Georgia) including the following:

  • draft and review your existing credit applications
  • draft and review your contract to add essential terms to aid in collection
  • demand letters
  • negotiate payment plans
  • obtain personal guarantees
  • file claims of lien, where appropriate
  • make payment bond claims, when possible
  • mediate collection disputes
  • arbitrate collection disputes
  • file collection lawsuits in every court in Georgia
  • enforce foreign judgments (judgments from other states)
  • foreclose against materialmen’s liens
  • garnish Georgia bank accounts
  • garnish salaries and wages throughout Georgia
  • pre-judgment garnishments
  • Sheriff’s levies and foreclosures

Georgia Post-Judgment Collection:  The Cobb Law Group collection attorneys are relentless in enforcing clients’ judgments against debtors. The key to enforcing judgments and the ultimate collection of the debt is often persistence; once a debtor senses you have given up, payment becomes increasingly unlikely. Our experienced lawyers will consult with you regarding the cost-effectiveness of various legal tactics, help you determine whether there may be other parties responsible for the debt, pursue fraudulent conveyances, track veiled asset transfers and use other legal methods to pursue payment.

Contact Us Today:  If you have questions regarding commercial debt collection and invoice disputes, contact us today. We bring decades of knowledge, skill, commitment and success to each case. Plus, we offer free initial telephone consultations. Contact a commercial debt collection attorney at (866) 960-9539 or by clicking here.