Construction claims are increasing throughout metro Atlanta, and Fayetteville in Fayette County, Georgia is no exception.  With a population of over 100,000, historic architecture including Georgia’s oldest courthouse, a list of celebrity residences over a mile long, Fayette County is a great place to be, and we are proud to support its subcontractors and material suppliers from the convenience of our metro-Atlanta office.

Historic Fayette County Georgia CourthouseIf you are a construction industry professional, then it is vital–more than ever–to make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity to make sure you get paid.  Fortunately, Georgia’s law on construction liens as well as the Little Miller Act offer you benefits to ensure your payments.  However, to avail yourself of these wonderful benefits, you must send proper notices, make timely claims, and properly prosecute your rights effectively.  Mistakes can make the difference between getting paid and losing your shirt.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Our attorney and staff work through the state of Georgia from their two offices and their virtual law office.  For over 20 years, we have helped contractors and subcontractors get paid for their work and materials, and we can help you.  Call us today.

We are Not General Practice Lawyers, We are Construction Lawyers:

Our firm is very unique; in fact, we have developed a focus to our practice which is beginning to be referred to as “Subcontractor Law“; our founding partner has co-authored a national publication on this subject; he regularly speaks at seminars and conferences; and he has helped countless construction companies get paid for their work.  Our firm began in Atlanta and grew to include a second office in south Georgia.  We regularly represent all tiers of construction professionals in and around the state as well as many national material suppliers and heavy equipment companies.

Seal of Fayette County GeorgiaWe have handled many matters in Fayette County including projects located in Brooks, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone and Woolsey.  We have collected money for our clients through the filing mechanics and materialmen’s liens on private projects, making payment bonds claims on state and federal projects, and enforcing contract terms.  We can assist you too in such areas as:

  • Georgia’s Statutory Construction Notice Scheme
  • Preliminary Liens (Pre-Liens)
  • Affidavits of Nonpayment
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Payment Bond Claims (private and public)
  • Claims of Liens on construction projects
  • Construction Collections
  • Subcontractor Law
  • Materialmen Lien Foreclosure Actions
  • Surety Law
  • Materialman Lien Removal
  • Construction Law

We are proud to be Georgians, and we are proud to serve all of Fayette County’s contractor’s needs.  Whether you need a contract reviewed or you need to file a lien or bond claim, contact us today.

Liens on Fayette County Projects Need to Be Filed at Courthouse:

Listed below is contact information for the Fayette County Clerk of Court for any questions you may have prior to contacting a lawyer (please note this information may change without notice):

File Construction Liens at Fayette County Courthouse




Clerk of Court’s Address:
Fayette County Superior Court Clerk
ATTN: Materialman’s Lien Filing Desk
One Center Drive
P.O. Box 130
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Clerk of Court’s Telephone Number:
(770) 716-4290


Mechanic’s Lien Filing Fees:
$5.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page

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The information contained on this website is for information purposes only; you are directed to consult with your attorney regarding the risks involved in filing mechanics and materialmen’s liens as well as all other aspects of lien filing including, but not limited to proper forms, conditions precedent, legal descriptions, notice requirements, and the statutes of limitations.  Nothing contained herein creates an attorney-client relationship between the Cobb Law Group and you.  Furthermore, no warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data herein, its use or interpretation.  Please contact us for further information.