South Georgia Construction Mediation & Arbitration Coming Soon

The Cobb Law Group is pleased to announce that this summer, we will begin offering mediation and arbitration in our offices located in Atlanta and in South Georgia. In fact, we are certain that we are the only state-wide construction law firm in South Georgia offering construction arbitration and construction mediation.

Mark Cobb, founding member of the Cobb Law Group, has been practicing almost exclusively in the area of construction law since 1992, and, now, he is offering his experience to settle disputes for others. Mark has successfully represented owners and project developers, general contractors, specialty subcontractors and materialmen throughout the United States. His multi-decade experience with construction law gives him a valuable insight into conflict resolution. He understands project accounting, construction contracts, mechanics lien statutes, Prompt Payment Acts, federal and state bidding, Miller Act Claims, surety bonds, delay claims, indemnifications, defective work and virtually anything other topic associated with the construction industry. He has personally worked on multi-millions dollar projects and has successfully negotiated settlements for his clients.

James Eubanks, a seasonal paralegal at the Cobb Law Group, has almost a decade and a half experience working with and resolving defective construction issues, clients’ claims, banking and finance, and local governmental affairs. In addition to his expansive work experience, James is an elected official which has provided him with unparalleled learning opportunities. He has personally handled such matters as city and county contracts and negotiations, working with development authorities, resolving disputes between different municipalities, working for resolution with the State of Georgia governments, and administrative authorities. As almost all construction involves governmental oversights, approvals, and regulations, this will bring a much-needed service to South Georgia (and, really all over Georgia!). Thus, whether a local government has a dispute with another local government or a construction professional has a dispute with a governmental agency, James will bring his vast experience to the mediation and arbitration table.

In addition, James will be working on residential conflict resolution and small commercial conflict resolution involving such issues as lien and bond claims, defective work, payment issues, delay claims, and related topics.

Mark and James have enrolled in mediation and arbitration classes which will lead to certification in both areas of dispute resolution. This summer, following some construction in their South Georgia Office in Thomasville, they will both be available to help parties work-through and resolve their construction-related and government-related disputes. Years of practical experience, honesty and integrity, and a strong-desire to solve problems will make Mark and James ideal for these new roles. Of course, Mark will continue his state-wide construction practice and James will continue to serve our clients as a paralegal. But, offering these new services will help more people settle their disputes.

Mediation and arbitration are an exciting addition to the already exciting construction law practice of the Cobb Law Group. In summer of 2018, please consider using Mark Cobbor James Eubanks for all of your alternative dispute resolutions.

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