Mark Cobb on Blogging about Construction Law

Earlier in the month, the Cobb Law Group announced that its Georgia Construction, Lien and Bond Law blog received third place in a national competition for construction blogs (for more information on the competition, please click here).  Recently, the Cobb Law Group’s founder and senior partner, Mark Cobb, was interviewed about the blog, it’s impact on our practice, blog article tips, and future goals.  We hope you enjoy this Skype interview!


You can also check out the Construction Marketing Ideas‘ website to see  their article discussing this interview.

Finally, we would love to hear feedback from our readers.  Let us know what you think about our blog, suggest future topics,  and please suggest some improvements that you would like see made to our blog.  Thank you!

Questions for a Georgia Construction Lien Attorney

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  1. Congrats! This is my first time on your blog but I am impressed. I came across it doing some web searches. It is highly articulate and detailed, and actually gives real insight and not just pish posh, which is probably why you’re doing so well. Keep up the good work!


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