Georgia Construction Law Blog Applauded in Local Newspaper

Thomasville Townie Great Construction Law Blog

We are pleased to let our readers know that The Thomasville Townie named our Georgia Construction, Lien & Bond Law blog as one of its favorite local blogs.  Thanks Townie!

For those of you who don’t know, The Thomasville Townie is our community’s patron saint of all things good about Thomasville, Georgia.  The Townie keeps the pulse of our historic town, keeping all of the citizenry informed of upcoming events, local economic development, historical and cultural information as well as throwing out braining-storming ideas that hope to enrich all of our lives.  We are very fortunate to have The Townie as a voice in our community!

The Townie maintains a runners pace with a website and non-stop facebook posts about all the exciting activities in our slice of Georgia.  Recently, The Townie expanded its electronic reach to include a print newspaper published every Friday; this great new publication is distributed free to readers at some of our area’s best retail and restaurant locations (make sure you pick up your copies).  In addition to articles, events and advertising, there are usually proverbs about wisdom and life, fun facts, and local glamour.

Imagine our delight and surprise when reading the current edition last Friday evening when we saw a highlighted box listing “Local Bloggers We Love”; among the 6 terrific blogs listed was our blog–how wonderful!  It’s particularly nice because the other blogs, as you can imagine are wonderful, lush blogs about local culture and fun stuff about Thomasville–admittedly, our blog is dryer and not as universally applicable as the other blogs.  Regardless, it’s an honor to be included in such an august list.

We’ll try our best to continue to bring our readers everything pertinent about construction law, materialmen’s liens and payment bonds in Georgia!  In addition, we highly recommend the other blogs on the list, and we invite you to check them out for yourselves:


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