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With two offices located in Georgia, the real estate attorneys at Cobb Law Group have extensive experience representing commercial landlords and business tenants in commercial lease matters, including lease negotiation, lease drafting, and litigation throughout the state of Georgia.  Our clients rely upon our over 25 years of experience working with commercial leases and contracts, including handling all types of commercial lease defaults and disputes and collections.

Our skilled commercial lease attorneys can help you negotiate and draft a favorable lease, review your current lease agreement, or resolve a commercial lease dispute in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We will ensure that your legal interests are protected, and that you fully understand the terms of your lease. We can also provide you with knowledgeable advice regarding real estate laws, Georgia’s law of damages,  and commercial lease contracts, including the following issues:

Commercial Lease Negotiations: Regardless whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we will work with you to define your business goals and objectives, as well as advise you on adverse positions and lease pitfalls.  Rely upon our negotiating skills to negotiate the most favorable lease possible incorporating your  short short-term goals such as tenant improvement allowances as well as your short term goals such as lease rental terms and rent escalation.

Drafting your Commercial Lease: We will draft your commercial lease to ensure that your interests are protected and your lease contains all the favorable provisions and terms which were negotiated negotiated.  In drafting our contracts, we strive to use clear and concise language so that you and the other parties can better understand the document you sign and increase their enforceability.

Commercial Lease Review: If you have an existing lease, or if you have negotiated a lease yourself and the landlord or tenant has provided you with a written lease to sign, we can review the lease with you and explain commercial lease provisions and their legal consequences and your risk exposure; in addition, we can help you determine the other party’s obligations under your lease, the default-and-cure provisions, and rent escalation provisions.

Commercial Lease Disputes: Despite the parties’ best intentions, contract defaults occur and dispute happen.  We can handle commercial lease litigation or assist you in resolving lease disputes including the use of alternate dispute resolution mechanisms including arbitration and mediation.  In additional to representing parties in lease disputes, we can also serve as your third-party neutral for mediated or arbitrated disputes.

Commercial Lease Termination: Circumstances change and sometimes a party needs to get out from under a commercial lease.  We can assist you in negotiating an early termination of your commercial lease.


Business Tenants Have Unique Challenges in Lease Negotiations:  Commercial rents are usually a significant part of a tenant’s overhead; thus, tenants who review a proposed commercial lease on their own can be very costly if it results in:

  • Inability or difficulty  to keep a good location or escape from a bad one
  • Inability to sell a business or a particular location
  • Landlord imposed changes to the space, common areas, or rules and regulations, that hurt your business
  • Inability to make desirable changes to the space or your operations
  • Unanticipated costs, CAM charges, competition from another tenant
  • Difficult signage provisions

Commercial leases are contracts usually filled with pages of terms and conditions, warranties, acknowledgments and waivers which can be difficult to interpret.  Regardless, if you are a party to a contract lease, if it vital that you understand each and every contract term and its meaning in different circumstances.  If you are a commercial tenant, you will find that most contracts favor the landlord; however, you are able to alter this trend through negotiation while preparing the Letter of Intent and the Commercial Lease.  Every day clients rely upon our lawyers and staff to help you identify, understand and improve the pertinent lease provisions.

We Understand the Business Needs of the Commercial Landlord: We also represent commercial landlords and we frequently find that they are not properly protected by their standard leases.  Landlords and management companies look to the Cobb Law Group to assist with all aspects of commercial lease drafting and enforcement including:

  • Updating a standard lease that has not been reviewed in years
  • Review and advise of Landlord under your current lease which you cannot keep or did not know you were making
  • We understand business, thus we frequently review and revise existing lease terms which may be harsher than necessary
  • When a breach or default occurs, we are able to promptly respond to your needs to enforce the lease terms against the offending party

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