In 2007, we opened our second law office in neighboring Thomas County, Georgia.  Although our metro Atlanta office is still going strong, our south Georgia office has exceeded our expectations.  We now serve the entire more conveniently and affordably than ever and that includes nearby Grady County, Georgia.

We File Liens and Bond Claims Throughout Grady County GA

Is it Called KAY-ro or KI-ro?

In fact, when our office first opened we struggled to pronounce Grady County’s county-seat properly.  We still get it wrong (although we tend to mis-pronounce the “other” Cairo more often these days).  Our client base has grown and grown and it includes many contractors and specialty trade subcontractors based in Grady County.  We have been asked to help with all sorts of construction issues from our clients in Grady County including:


  • construction contract drafting
  • drafting, review and negotiation of subcontract agreements
  • preparation of personal guaranty and credit applications
  • licensing issues
  • payment (rather, non-payment) problems
  • contractor and subcontractor defaults and remedies
  • and many others

We Can Help In Florida Too! Many of our clients based in Cairo regularly bid on and work on projects in nearby Florida.  Yes, we have Georgia construction lawyers who are also admitted to practice in Florida so we can help you expand your business and your reputation by serving all of your business needs as your move between states.

Map for Filing Liens against projects in Grady County GA

In addition to all of our “local” clients, many of our clients are not local; instead, they work on projects located in Cario,Whigham, Beachton or else where in Grady County.  Sometimes, these same clients experience payment problems and need to enforce their rights to file mechanics and materialmen’s liens, file claims against payment bonds, or make Miller Act or Little Miller Act claims.  We can help!

We have over 23 years of experience preparing and filing liens in Grady County and throughout Georgia.  We have successfully handled thousands of claims on behalf of our clients, and we are proud to be active members of several professional organizations including:


  • AGC Georgia (Associated General Contractors)
  • ASA (American Subcontractors Association)
  • CSA (Construction Suppliers Association)
  • ABA Forum on Construction Law (American Bar Association)
  • and many others

In addition to our construction lien and surety bond work, our lawyers have extensively published in the area of Georgia construction law, and they have spoken at seminars and for continuing education hours.  In fact, we have been pioneers of a newly recognized area of law known as “Subcontractor Law”.  We also help our clients train their staff, their project managers, and their credit managers.  But, when problems arise, we are there to help!

There is no other way to say it except, we love having an office in South Georgia, and we appreciate all of our wonderful Grady County clients.  If you are in the construction industry and you are based in Cairo or if you are working on a project in Grady County, contact us to make sure that your rights are protected.  If you need to file a claim of lien anywhere in Georgia (including Grady County), then please contact us today.

A Word About Payment Bond Claims in Georgia:  It is important to note that payment bond claims are typically made against public works projects in lieu of filing a lien; many larger private projects, however, also include payment bonds which may give you the right to file a claim of lien AND simultaneously pursue a claim against the surety.  Therefore, it is very important you chose an attorney who understands all aspects of construction collections.

A Word About Materialman’s Lien Filings in Georgia:  Materialmen’s liens go by several different names such as contractor’s liens, supplier’s liens, construction liens, and subcontractor liens.  These all refer to the same document in Georgia.  Materialmen’s liens can be a very useful tool for those who performed work or supplied materials to a project but were not paid.  Nonetheless, there are strict requirements for making such a lien claim and enforcing such a lien claim.  Make certain that your lien attorney understands the different remedies which may be available to you (and whether or not you qualify to make a lien claim). Remember, liens are not the ONLY way to make sure you get paid–there are other opportunities including preliminary liens, Georgia’s Prompt Payment Act and contract law.  Contact us if you have any questions.

In Georgia, materialmen’s liens are filed in the Superior Court in the County where the project is located.  Thus, if you performed work (including architectural, engineering, forestry, etc.) or supplied construction materials to a project in Cairo or anywhere in Grady County, the lien would need to be filed at the Grady County Courthouse within ninety (90) days of the last day on which you worked on the project.  The following includes some additional information regarding filing liens:

Materialmen Liens are Filed at the Grady County Courthouse in Cairo GA







Clerk of Court’s Address:
Grady County Superior Court Clerk
ATTN: Materialmen’s Lien Filing Desk
250 North Broad Street, Box 8
Cairo, GA 39828

Clerk of Court’s Telephone Number:
(229) 377-2912


Mechanic’s Lien Filing Fees:
$5.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page

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