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Collection of Commercial Accounts Begins Before Extending Credit!

Posted in Commercial Collections,Good Business Practices,Practical Tips by Administrator on the September 29th, 2011

There is a fact about commercial collections that we think only credit managers and commercial collection lawyers truly understand: collection of account begin before any materials, product or labor are supplied! What does that really mean?  When a customer wants to purchase your product on credit, that customer is probably the friendliest and most forthcoming
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It’s Been a Year Since a Mechanics Lien was filed against my real estate–what happens to the lien?

Posted in Materialmen's Lien (enforcement),Materilamen's Liens,Notice of Action,Uncategorized by Administrator on the September 15th, 2011

Almost every day, we get great questions from clients and potential clients!  In the last few days, we have had several people ask us how to remove an expired lien in Georgia.  Unlike many questions, this question has a relatively simple answer. Before revealing all of our secrets, let’s take a moment to look at
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Follow-Up: Lien Claimants Beware of Typographical Errors in Liens!

Posted in Georgia Case Law,Materilamen's Liens,Strict Compliance,Typographical Errors by Administrator on the September 2nd, 2011

Before the weekend starts, we wanted to comment on the recent flurry of Georgia cases involving mechanics and construction liens.  There have been multiple rulings, and I’m pleased to report that for the most part, they interpret Georgia’s lien laws in favor of material suppliers, subcontractors, and lien claimants! In the next several posts, we’ll
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