For more than 20 years, the Cobb Law Group has excelled in its statewide practice in construction law with an emphasis on filing materialmen’s liens, mechanic’s liens, and construction liens Read More About Us >>

Clients of our firm quickly discover the advantages of hiring us. As one of the few statewide law firms in Georgia which focuses on the rights and remedies of subcontractors and material suppliers, our construction law attorneys have filed and perfected thousands of mechanics and materialmen’s liens in virtually every county in the state; similarly, we have handled an extensive list of payment bond claims and construction bond issues on public and private projects throughout Georgia and on Federal projects elsewhere including Miller Act litigation. Our construction contracting and business skills are unparalleled as we integrate your legal rights with sound business practices. If you contact us, you will find that our professionalism, our knowledge and our experience allow us to provide you with top-quality, specialized legal representation at fair prices.