Opening a second law office in south Georgia just made sense for us; we represent subcontractors, material suppliers and general contractors from all over the country from our office in metro Atlanta, and we file materialmen’s liens, make claims against payment bonds and draft construction contracts in every county in Georgia including beautiful and historic Webster County.

Lien Map for Webster County Georgia

With a population density of 11 people for every square mile, outsiders may think that there aren’t any construction claims in Preston or Webster County, but nothing could be further from the truth! With nearby Fort Benning, a large lumber concern and light manufacturing facility as major employers, the legal needs of Webster County, Georgia are as sophisticated as anywhere else!



How do the construction lawyers of the Cobb Law Group help their clients in in Webster County? The answer depends upon each construction law client’s specific needs:

1. Are you a construction professional of building material located in Webster County, Georgia? If so, we can assist you from our conveniently located south Georgia law office with such items as:

  • construction contract drafting (to help them shift risks or limit/avoid their exposure to risks)
  • construction contract negotiation (to make sure you get top dollar)
  • bid disputes or filing formal bid protests
  • to resolve defaults and breaches through arbitration, mediation or, if necessary, law suits
  • to train your employees (we offer seminars and training for project mangers, employees and credit managers)
  • to help you with construction collections or project management issues anywhere in the State of Georgia

2. Are you a prime contractor, specialty trade subcontractor or material supplier who is performing work (or providing materials) on a construction project located in Webster County? If so, we can assist you with any type of construction law issue including:

  • Registration as a Foreign Entity
  • Notice of Commencement
  • Notice to Owner and Notice to Contractor
  • Georgia Prompt Payment Act Compliance or Violations
  • Georgia Preliminary Liens
  • Georgia Mechanics and Materialmen’s Claim of Lien
  • Payment Bond Claims
  • Miller Act Claims
  • Little Miller Act claims
  • and many more

Regardless which tier you are or where your business is based, you can rely upon our 23 years of experience to help you with any aspect of construction law which need including recovering the money you are owed for the work which you have performed or for the materials which you have supplied. We can file your construction liens, your payment bond claims, and we can help you exercise your rights to payment in Preston, Weston or anywhere in Georgia.

If you need to file a materialmen’s lien against a construction project located anywhere in Webster County, Georgia, please contact us today.

For your information, all construction liens are filed with the clerk of the superior court in the county where the project is located. Liens against projects in Webster County are filed at the courthouse in Preston. For additional information, please see below:

Liens are FIled at the Webster Counrty Courthouse in Preston
Liens are Filed at the Webster County Superior Court

Clerk of Court’s Address:
Webster County Superior Court Clerk
ATTN: Materialmen’s Lien Filing Desk
6330 Hamilton Street, Room 102
P.O. Box 117
Preston, GA 31824

Clerk of Court’s Telephone Number:
(229) 828-3525


Mechanic’s Lien Filing Fees:
$5.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page

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