For over twenty years, The Cobb Law Group has filed mechanics and materialmen liens throughout Georgia on behalf of general contractors, specialty subcontractors and material suppliers.  We represent many national suppliers located in other states who rely upon our expertise to enforce their lien rights throughout the state including Newton, Georgia and throughout Baker County, Georgia.  Our lawyers and staff are trained to advise you on Georgia’s unique lien law requirements and provide you with as many legal options as possible in order for you to make sound business, financial and legal decisions for your company.  Our Georgia Construction Law Blog, for example, offers articles on all aspects of construction law including filing, perfecting and enforcing materialmen liens in Georgia.  If your company has not received payment for work, equipment or materials which you have supplied on a Georgia project, you may be entitled to file a claim of lien, and we ask that you contact us as soon as possible in order to meet statutory deadlines.

Mechanic and materialmen’s liens in Georgia must be filed within ninety days of the last day in which labor, equipment or materials were supplied to a project.  And, the claim of lien must be filed in the real estate records of the Superior Court in the county in which the construction project is located.  Due to the difficulty in properly drafting and filing a materialmen lien, it is important to have an experienced Georgia lawyer prepare and file your liens to ensure all requirements of the Georgia lien laws are met.  Liens prepared by legal document services, which are not Georgia lawyers, may not be enforceable.   We are Georgia construction lawyers with experience filing and enforcing our client’s lien claims.

Listed below is contact information for the Baker County Clerk of Court for any questions you may have prior to contacting a lawyer (please note this information may change without notice):

Clerk of Court’s Address:
Baker County Superior Court Clerk
ATTN: Materialmen’s Lien Filing Desk
167 Baker Place
P.O. Box 10
Newton, GA 31770

Clerk of Court’s Telephone Number:
(229) 734-3004


Mechanic’s Lien Filing Fees:
$5.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page

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