With a population nearing a quarter-million people, a beautiful downtown square, and the Atlanta Motor Speedway, the construction industry is thriving in McDonough and Henry County.  And, regardless whether you are a contractor, a subcontractor, or an equipment or material supplier, our Georgia construction lawyers can help your protect your interests and enforce your payment rights throughout Henry County, metro-Atlanta and the entire state.

A carerace is an anaology for enforcing contractors lien rights in georgiaWe have always maintained a good-client roster in Henry County as we have used our metro-Atlanta office, our virtual legal platform and the latest technology to prepare and file payment bond claims and materialmen’s lien claims on their behalf.  In fact, when we think about Henry County, NASCAR and the Atlanta Motor Speedway immediately come to mind.  This is a perfect analogy for understanding constructions in Georgia as it may become a race to see which subcontractors or suppliers actually get paid.

The Preliminary Rounds!

But its more than a race for your money, it also requires training to understand the complexities of Georgia’s Materialmen’s Lien Laws.  As a part of this, there are qualifying rounds. In the construction industry, this means determining when to file a Notice to Owner or a Notice to Contractor and beating the 30-day deadline for meeting this requirement.  This initial period can also mean understanding and establishing proper credit procedures, proper bidding techniques, and due diligence regarding the financial stability of the project owner or developer.  There are many trials which only winners can hope to pass.

Speed Counts!

Speed Count in Filing Liens in Georgia

Like a speedometer, the various deadlines for each requirement spins quickly and one slip-up can be devastating.  In addition to meeting the 30-day deadline for the construction notices, there many other deadlines including 60-day deadline for filing an Affidavit of Nonpayment if you executed a valid Georgia lien waiver, a 90-day deadline for filing a construction lien (which may be shortened to 60-days if a lien waiver is involved), the 365-day deadline for perfecting the claim of lien, and the 30-day deadline for filing a Notice of Filing of Action to Enforce a Georgia Materailmen’s Lien.

Experience Counts!

Georgia Has Lien and Bond deadlines to meetLike an odometer, experience counts when it comes to fighting for your rights to payment for work which you performed or materials which you supplied.  You can count on the experience of the construction lawyers at the Cobb Law Group to help you file materialmen’s liens, payment bond claims, Miller Act claims or any other Georgia construction law issues in Hampton, Locust Grove, McDonough, Stockbridge or anywhere else in Henry County or the State of Georgia.  Call us today!

The Finish Line is Your Bottom Line!

Subcontractors can win if they file their lien and bond claimsOwners and contractors can delay and avoid payment on construction projects. Delayed payment may be a tactic to either distract you or to cause you so much financial problems that you settle for significantly less than you are owed.  We understand the techniques to help you get paid and to get more of your money more quickly.  Make sure that you are the one who crosses the finish line first!

The Drivers!

File Proper liens if you want to win the collection raceAlthough a race may be “local” many of the participants and spectators may be from other counties, states or even other countries–that also describes most larger construction sites.  The owners, developers,architects, engineers, prime contractors, specialty trade subcontractors and material suppliers gather or ship materials from all over to that one site such as Henry County.  Thus, the lawyer you chose to help you needs to understand the complexities and the various jurisdictional and venue defenses which need to be addressed.  For over 20 years, our law firm has been involved in disputes involves all of these issues and more.   Contact us today if you need a construction lawyer convenient to Henry County but can provide services throughout the state.

The Pit Crew!

Construction Laywer can help when your contract breaksAlthough you expect and plan for a smooth performance, occasionally something happens.  It could be an unanticipated mechanical problem or perhaps another subcontractor nudges you off the track.  From bid protest to scheduling delays, our construction law firm can help you at any time even if you don’t intend to file a lien or make a claim against a surety.

Lien Map for henry County Georgia

The Fans!

Although there are no guarantees that our past successes will mean a success for your lien or bond claims, but we are very fortunate to have many clients who have used our construction law services for almost 20 years!  We deliver superior service at fair prices.  Contact us today.


Materialmen’s Liens are Filed with the Clerk of Superior Court:

We have a proven track-record for enforcing subcontractors’ rights in Henry County.  But, even if your business is not located in McDonough or Henry County, a materialmen’s lien filed against a project located anywhere in Henry County is properly filed in the real estate records of the Clerk of Henry County Superior Court.  You are free to contact the clerk if you have questions regarding the filing process:

File Liens with the Henry County Georgia Superior Court Clerk




Henry County Superior Court Clerk
ATTN: Materialman’s Lien Filing Desk
One Courthouse Square
McDonough, GA 30253

Telephone Number:
(770) 288-8022


Mechanic’s Lien Filing Fees:
$5.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page

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