We are construction lawyers who meet their clients needs wherever they are, and that includes meeting important mechanics and materialmen’s lien and bond deadlines in Conyers and Rockdale County, Georgia. In fact, through our metropolitan Atlanta office and our virtual law firm, we have helped numerous contractors and materials suppliers get paid on their projects in Rockdale County.

Public Horse Park in Conyers

Home to the Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers is a beautiful, vibrant town in metro-Atlanta. Since it survived destruction during the Civil War, Conyers contains many lovely ante-bellum residences and commercial buildings. In addition, it is home to the world famous Trappist Monastery of the Holy Spirit, and home to a thriving economy.

Since there is strong construction growth in the area, more–now than ever–our construction law services are needed as we can help our clients with construction contracting, dispute resolutions, and payment issues; our attorneys regularly prepare mechanics and materialmen’s liens for filing in Rockdale County, and we have also successfully made several payment bond claims on area projects. Our expertise can make the difference between a successful recovery of the money you are owed and a write-off for non-payment. If you have been on a project in Conyers or anywhere in Rockdale County, and you need to file a lien or make a claim against a payment bond, please call us today.

Our Georgia Construction Lawyers are Different:

Meeting the deadlines for filing liens and bonds can be difficult as they always seem to come more quickly than you think; thus, when it come to collecting your money, you cannot contact us too soon. With two offices, a virtual law firm, and modern communications tools, we handle construction lien requests and Miller Act (and Little Miller Act) claims everywhere in Georgia. Our experience and understanding of Georgia’s lien law make us your ally in enforcing your rights to receive payment. Although we operate across the state, our values are unchanging–honesty and quality at fair prices.

Since we limit our practice to issues related to construction law, we likely know a solution or can help you with your problem over the telephone. In addition to our knowledge of Georgia construction law, we also understand business and we understand that your bottom-line matters. Thus, we work with our clients to prevent collection issues through proper construction contract negotiation and drafting and managing credit terms, but we also help in the recovery process. If we can help you, please contact us.

Contact Information for Filing Rockdale County, Georgia Materialmen’s Liens:

Due to the complexity of Georgia’s Lien Laws, we strongly recommend that lien claimants use the services of a competent Georgia construction lawyer; there are times, however, when you may want to contact the clerk of court yourself.  As of the date of the publication of this page, the following information may be useful for filing materialmen’s liens in Rockdale County:

File Liens at the Rockdale County Courthouse







Clerk of Court’s Physical Address:
922 Court Street
Conyers, GA 30012

Clerk of Court’s Mailing Address:
Rockdale County Superior Court Clerk
ATTN: Materialman’s Lien Filing Desk
P.O. Box 937
Conyers, GA 30012

Clerk of Court’s Telephone Number:
(770) 278-7900


Mechanic’s Lien Filing Fees:
$5.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page

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