Paralegal/Hispanic Liaison
Telephone: 770-886-5890
Facsimile: 770-886-5976

Primary Responsibilities:
• Construction law
• Business law
• Filing & Preparing Mechanics and Materialsmen’s Liens
• Construction Contracting
• Employer Rights
• Local Government Law


Francisco was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, granting him full comprehension of both the English and Spanish languages from an early age. He began his education at the Academia del Perpetuo Socorro in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a college preparatory school, during which he attended Boston College for a summer. Later on, he became engaged in political and legal matters watching and learning from his mother’s distinguished legal career; she previously served as Solicitor General of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and, now, she sits as an Appellate Judge for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Because his mother is a graduated of Havard University and his father is a graduate of Tufts University, education is very important to Francisco’s family. His interest in the legal profession led him to attend the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico; he was graduated cum laude in 2013 with a B.A. majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. Although admitted to the study of law in Puerto Rico at the same institution, he has expressed his interest to continue his law studies in the mainland United States in the near future. Francisco relocated to Thomasville, Georgia and joined our firm in 2017.

Through his education, previous work as a paralegal and being fluent in Spanish, Francisco is able to grant a broader spectrum of clients’ services by serving as a bridge between Spanish and English-speaking peoples that reside in Georgia who need construction law and business law services. Franicisco is well-suited to join our practice as he has honed his legal skills over 5 years actively working within the legal community, in both the public and private sectors. In addition to his experience as a paralegal for a top-tier law suit in San Juan, he has clerked at the Court of Appeals of Puerto Rice and at the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico).

During his free time, he enjoys reading science-fiction, working with technology, cycling and actively participating in motorsport. He is very family oriented, with his immediate family also in the process of relocating to Thomasville. He is becoming actively engaged in the community and is looking forward to making Thomasville his home for many years to come.