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In today’s down economy, we have seen Georgia property ownerss associations strapped for funding as more and more residents refuse to pay their annual HOA assessments.  The Georgia lien lawyers at the Cobb Law Group can file your property owners’ association, condominium association and homeowners’ association liens anywhere in Georgia.  We believe that many clients understand their legal needs, but they need to hire a lawyer to do the work.  We have combined this belief with the latest technology to reduce costs for filing your HOA liens and your condo association liens.  In fact, we offer two ways to allow you to file your liens quickly and affordably:

LOWEST COST METHOD:  Filing Georgia HOA Liens and Condo Association Statutory Liens Through our Georgia Virtual Law Firm:

The liens which you intend to file to recover your assessments are governed by Georgia statutes as well as by your association’s recorded declarations and covenants.  Furthermore, if you are an officer of your homeowners’ or condominium association, you likely have enough information and understanding to use our virtual law firm to substantially lower your legal expenses to file your liens.

The Ideal HOA/Condo Association Lien Claimant:  If you know the full, legal name of the owner(s) of the property you wish to lien and you have a legal description of the real estate (that’s the metes-and-bounds description) to be liened, then you are an ideal candidate for using our low-cost, HOA/Condo Association Lien package which is available to you on-line from your computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Lien Filing Process in Georgia is Simple: The first time that you file a lien, you will need to register as a client of our virtual law firm and submit a copy of your association’s recorded covenants as well as any amendments which may have been adopted (there is no cost to register as a client).  Then, each time you need to have a lien filed, you purchase a HOA Lien/Condominium Lien from our website and input the homeowner(s) or condominium owner’s information through our secure website along with other details related to the amount of the lien.  After you press “SUBMIT”, your request will appear in our inbox and we’ll get right to work filing your HOA lien and sending a notice to the property owner(s).  After the filed and recorded lien is returned to us, it’ll be posted on your personal, secure legal dashboard so you can access a copy.

The Lien Filing Process is Affordable: Since you don’t have to schedule meetings at an attorney’s office and you know the documents you need, our Georgia Virtual Law Firm saves you time and money.  Using the Georgia Virtual Law Firm to meet all of your lien filing needs can cut your legal costs by as much as 75%!  Plus, if you have questions or need legal help with any other issues affecting your association, we’re real Georgia lawyers who can help you with full legal services from one of our Georgia offices.

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TRADITIONAL LIEN FILING METHOD:  Filing Georgia Homeowners’ Association Liens and Condo Association Liens:

Although filling out our lien request form on-line is easy and convenient for many people, it does not meet everyone’s needs.  This is particularly true for someone who has recently come onto the HOA or condominium association board and has been given the task of recouping assessment from non-paying owners.  Thus, the Georgia lien filing lawyers at the Cobb Law Group can provide you with a full-service law firm experience.  For example, we can find your association’s recorded covenants, we can review them and advise you regarding assessments and other items you need including parliamentary procedure, elections, and notices to your association members.

Furthermore, if you are uncertain as to the legal title holder of the property to be liened or if you are uncertain as to the legal description of the real estate to be liened, then we can help!  We can order title searches in any Georgia county and help you enforce your association’s lien rights and collect your past-due assessments by properly identifying the debtors.

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Using technology, we can help an educated and informed Homeowners’ or Condominium Association’s board increase its revenues without a significant expenditure through our Georgia Virtual Law Firm; similarly, we can help educate your board and members by offering full, traditional legal services to your organization.  If you have past due assessments, please register as a client of our Georgia Virtual Law Firm today, call us toll-free at 1-866-960-9539, or send us an email.