Construction Law Symposium in New Orleans!

ABA Forum on the Construction Industry

This is an exciting week at the Cobb Law Group; our materialmen’s lien and payment bond lawyer, Mark Cobb, will be attending the ABA (American Bar Association)’s Forum on the Construction industry’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans!  The topic of the 2014 Annual Meeting is “Beat the Blues: Counseling the Client During the Course of the Ongoing Construction Project” and will be held April 10 – 12.

The speakers are always of the highest caliber and the topics are vital to maintain the cutting-edge theories applied to construction law, lien and bond issues.  Topics this year include the following:

  • Getting the Troubled Project Back on Course
  • Owner’s Discovery of Defective Work in Progress
  • Triaging the Disruptive Labor Dispute
  • Impossibility or Impracticability as an Excuse to Performance
  • When to Call in Reinforcements
  • When to Call in the Surety
  • Advice on how to Handle Mid-Project Financing Problems
  • The Double-Edged Sword of Tracking Project Claims & Delays
  • The Delicate Balance Between Managing the Project vs. Managing the Claim
  • Practical Guidance on Handling Mid-Project Insurance issues
  • Avoiding Compliance Traps When Administering Federal Contracts with Minority and Other SBA Regulated Entities
  • Supplier Down! The Fallout of a Major Material Supplier Repudiation or Insolvency
  • Construction Litigation
  • When Reasonable People Differ: Keeping the Project on Track
  • When to Advise the Client to Terminate the Construction Contract
  • Project Counsel’s Ethical and Professional Obligations Versus the Eternal Quest for Project harmony and Cooperation

In addition to these fantastic legal educational opportunities, Mark also enjoys the networking opportunity to meet and discuss various legal issues with construction attorneys from across the country.

This particular annual meeting, too, has special excitement for the Cobb Law Group as the ABA is officially launching its new book “Construction Contracting” for which Mark Cobb was a co-author.  This book is a comprehensive practical and legal guide for the attorney representing specialty trade subcontractor and construction material suppliers.

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