Recommended Book on Health and Wellness for Your Employees

georgia contractor needsEvery so often, we take a break from talking about construction law on this blog, and today is one of those days!  Some very good friends of ours, Debbie Frame and Jan Kiss, have a great deal of experience with leadership, management training, and training to improve employees’ (and everybody’s!)  health and wellness; Frame and Kiss have consulted with numerous businesses and industries, and through their research, have written a new book which some of our clients might find practical for their businesses, their employees, or for themselves.

Jan Kiss, RN MSN, has over 30 years of progressive clinical and management experience in healthcare, she is a Board Certified Drugless Practitioner, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and a Certified Leader Coach.  Her co-author, Debbie Frame, has vast corporate experience training and coaching executives, managers and supervisors as well as entrepreneurs and professionals; in addition, she is the founder and president of The Leadership Essentials™ Group.

I have known Jan and Debbie for years and am privileged to call them friends,  and I have personally received the benefit of their health and business knowledge on many occasions.  That’s why it is so exciting that they have co-authored an e-book,  The Health and Wellness Coaching Tips and Tools.  Together, they have created a compendium of information, tips and tools that will support those who are trying to stay healthy–and those who are trying to get there. The book offers readers ways to make better choices and hold themselves accountable for changing bad habits.

The authors take the approach that information is power, and they lay the ground work with some startling facts about  nutrition, weight, disease and exercise. Building on this foundation, the authors provide readers with real-world tools (and tips!) to build a diet and eating plan.  It’s easy to say that we know what goes into our stomachs, but the reality for most of us is that we don’t.  Armed with the right tips and tools on virtually every topic including leftovers, how much water experts say each person should drink, and how to handle nighttime munchies, readers will be able to build a toolkit for health and wellness that will work for now and in the future. Always encouraging their readers to check with their physician before making any dietary or exercise changes, the two coaches encourage people to be sensible and take control of their health.

While each author is in their own private practice, the two work together to coach clients on health and nutrition and then help hold them accountable for making the life changes they need to hardwire changes, through life coaching. Both authors live on St. Simons Island, GA.

This book has been issued in multiple formats including as an APP for DROID, an ebook for iPhone/IPad/ iPod, Kindle and Nook.  To learn more about this great book (and to buy a copy!), please click below.


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