Looking Forward to ABA Construction Law Forum

The Forum on Construction Law which is a part of the American Bar Association (ABA) is a very active group of construction lawyers, and Mark Cobb is proud is be an active participant in this great organization.  He is looking forward to next week, when the Construction Industry Forum will have its 2013 Midwinter Meeting with a focus on “Making Dollars and Sense of Construction Damages.”

It’s a wonderful opportunity to attend seminars and panel discussions related to construction law, to earn continuing legal education hours, to learn about the latest construction cases, to meet and visit with collogues from all over the county.  Some of the topics which Mark will hear include:

  • Delay Damages
  • Construction Contract Drafting to Reduce or Eliminate Damages
  • Working with Damages Consultants
  • Preparing the Damages Expert for Trial
  • Graphics for Damages Presentations
  • Direct and Cross Examination of the Damages Expert
  • The Reality Behind the Theory of Lost Labor Productivity Claims
  • Terminations for Convenience
  • Green ConstructionProjects
  • What to Do When Damages Aren’t Enough
  • Ethics in Construction Law

In addition, there will be break-out sections for specific sub-groups of construction law professionals.  Mark actively participates in Division 9 which deals with issues related to specialty subcontractors, suppliers, mechanics and materialmen’s liens, and surety and payment bond claims.  At these break-out sessions, Mark looks forward to increasing his knowledge of emerging trends and the latest developments in lien and bond law.  In fact, it is through his work with Division 9 that he was asked to help write the forthcoming book on Subcontractor Law which will be published in 2014!

Mark is a Georgia lien and bond attorney, but the ABA Forum on Construction Industry is open to all lawyers, and Mark encourages your participation.  If you have ever attended a Forum meeting, then you know how educational they are.  Please leave a comment about your experience with the ABA Construction Law Forum meetings.

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