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by Mark A. Cobb

Focusing on Georgia Subcontractor Law, the Cobb Law Group is very fortunate to maintain a full slate of terrific clients.  Almost without exception, our clients are leaders in their field and provide quality specialty construction services and general contracting services throughout Georgia.  During this season of thanksgiving, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with such fine clients, and we are particularly pleased to announce that one such client, Taylor Commercial, Inc. was recently awarded the First Place 2012 Build Georgia Specialty Contractor Award which is given by the AGC Georgia (Associated General Contractors of Georgia).  Congratulations!

This prestigious award demonstrates the exceptional quality of work that Taylor Commercial regularly provides to its customers.  We thought our readers might appreciate learning a little bit more about this award and highlight Taylor Commercial’s outstanding performance:

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Summary of Project:  In March of 2011, Choate Construction Company connected with Taylor Commercial for assistance with the exterior siding portion of The Hub, a multi-use recreational building at Camp Winshape for Girls in Mount Berry, Georgia.  Taylor Commercial installed James Hardie fiber cement “Artisan” brand lap siding, which is almost twice as thick as normal fiber cement siding, and is rarely used in the Georgia market. This brand of fiber cement siding was used for the exterior cladding, providing a fiber cement exterior that is among the most durable in the industry.  Representatives of Taylor Commercial believe that their installation of this product at The Hub was the first and largest commercial project to use this product in Georgia.

Innovative Construction Techniques:  The Hub project involved the installation of siding on steel framing construction, which is not typical for siding application as all of the materials were fastened either with self-tapping screws or powder-actuated fasteners or “shots”.

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Excellence in Project Management and Scheduling:  Due to the tight project schedule, multiple exterior trades that would normally be “sequential” were required to work “concurrently”, creating very challenging working conditions.  Also, the siding and trims above the pre-painted metal standing seam roof presented a challenge because the roof was already installed before Taylor Commercial started installation of the siding; accordingly, Taylor Commercial had to access these walls without damaging the roof which was very difficult.  To accomplish this, they employed many techniques to protect the roof from scratches such as using hydraulic man-lifts, drop cloths where needed, and shoe soul protection.

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Excellence in Customer Care: Taylor Commercial states, “For customer care we remained in constant communication with the project manager, job superintendent, and trade foremen in order to remedy and alleviate the many challenges.  This was truly a team effort by all parties involved and we strived to act and lead as a model team member.”

The Cobb Law Group is proud to work with such a great Georgia contractor, and if you want to learn more about Taylor Commercial, please click here.  We would enjoy hearing your comments about this spotlight.

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