Cobb Law Group Joins AGC Georgia!

Georgia Construction Law Firm with The Associated General Contractors of America

The Cobb Law Group is excited to be one of the newest members of the Associated General Contractors of America (“AGC”) and the Associated General Contractors of Georgia (“AGC Georgia”).

“It is a natural fit that we should join this amazing organization,” says Cobb Law Group’s managing partner Mark Cobb, “For over 20 years, our law firm has almost exclusively represented construction processionals through our two offices and our Georgia virtual law firm; needless to say, many of our clients are members of the AGC Georgia.  Our law firm’s statewide practice, our dedication to clients’ needs, and our emphasis on educating clients represent values which we share with AGC Georgia.  We believe that tapping into the resources of the AGC will benefit our clients, and we look forward to being an active participant in the AGC and, in particular, their legislative activities.”

Georgia Construction Attorney with AGC Georgia

The AGC is a membership organization dedicated to improving, educating. and encouraging commercial construction contractors, job site safety, current technology and techniques while strengthening the dialogue between contractors and owners as well as between contractors and subcontractors.  The AGC Georgia is one of the most highly-regarded professional trade associations in the state, and its members represent over 470 of the top-tier general contractors, residential/light commercial builders, construction managers, design builders, municipal-utility contractors, heavy and highway contractors, specialty contractors, service providers, and suppliers (in other words, they represent, educate and assist all of Georgia’s commercial construction industry!)

Recently, Mark Cobb attended the AGC Georgia President’s Tour Meeting which included talks by AGC Georgia’s Board of Director’s President, Ken Swofford of Swofford Construction, Inc. of Austell, Georgia and AGC Georgia’s CEO Michael Dunham.  There was discussion among the speakers and the attendees related to:

  • the future of private construction in Georgia (for example, many people no longer do their banking at branches as they use ATMs and on-line services; thus, how does this impact the need for banks to build more branches?);
  • the future of public construction in Georgia (for example, with an increasingly attractive virtual education options, what will the future needs for construction of physical schools and colleges be?);
  • ethics in the construction industry–particularly in Georgia and how to improve relationships between owners and builders and the relationships between general contractors and specialty subcontractors; and
  • current trends in the marketplace including the economic forecast, bonding issues, subcontractor certification, and payment delays.

In addition to a nice luncheon, great networking opportunities and stimulating discussion, it was a fun event!  Mark Cobb is very grateful for Irene Gleason of Wiregrass Electric, Inc. for first introducing him to this august organization, and he is grateful for past-president of the Board of Directors, Tony Pellicano of Pellicano Construction in Albany, Georgia for sponsoring his membership.  We strongly encourage our readers and clients who are not already members of the Associated General Contractors to seriously consider becoming members.  An AGC membership can help your business in many ways including safety training, legislative updates, networking opportunities, and discounts on services and products need by construction professionals.  You will be glad you joined!  Click here to learn more about AGC Georgia.

Please leave a comment if you have anything to add about the AGC or AGC Georgia’s activities and opportunities.

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  1. We are glad Mark Cobb joined AGC! As a specialy contractor our membership has been very valuable; the benefits have more than covered our annual dues.
    Irene Gleason, Wiregrass Electric, Inc.


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