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Georgia Subcontractor Law

Posted in Uncategorized by Blue Blog on the September 18th, 2012

by:  Mark A. Cobb When I meet people it can be difficult to share with them what I do.  If I simply admit to being a “lawyer” then I have probably shut down the conversation, but if I tell my listener that I am a “business lawyer” or a “construction lawyer,” then I might get
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Georgia Construction Sites turn PINK!

Posted in Current Legal Issues,Miscellaneous by Blue Blog on the September 7th, 2012

by:  Mark Cobb Construction sites get a bad rap.  Movies and plays show overweight, middle-aged contractors ogling girls and yelling out cat calls from beams and heavy equipment.  But, if you look closely at some Georgia construction sites, you just might see something entirely different…… ……PINK CRANES! That’s right, Mableton’s family-owned Phoenix Crane Rental Company
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