Cobb Law Group Expands Virtual Law Practice!

Last Will and Testament Form for Georgai Available Online

The Cobb Law Group has been very fortunate in many ways; in 2011 we successfully launched one of the first Virtual Law Practices in the State of Georgia (and the first Construction Law Virtual Law Practice in the country)!  Frankly, we have enjoyed it, and our clients have benefited from the convenience and the lower legals costs.  Consequently, we have decided to greatly expand our Virtual Law Practice.  Although we are primarily a business and construction law firm, our Virtual Law Practice has expanded to include Georgia Landlord Tenant documents and Will and Estate Planning documents in addition to our business and construction law forms.

Do not worry, we continue to offer a full range of legal services in our office locations focusing on business and construction law needs throughout the State of Georgia, but for those whose legal issues are relatively simple and those clients know exactly what they need, our eLawyering services might be a perfect match.  We have aspirations to add more forms in the future, but currently here is a list of Georgia Legal Services which we offer online:

Georgia Business Documents:

  • Bad Check Notice
  • Bill of Sale
  • Buy-Sell Agreement (simple form)
  • Construction Contract (simple form)
  • Contract (simple form)
  • Contract Change Order
  • Employee Nondisclosure Agreement
  • General Assignment
  • General Georgia Noncompete Agreement
  • General Release
  • Hiring Letter At-Will Employment
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Noncompete Agreement for Business Managers
  • Noncompete Agreement for Executives
  • Noncompete Agreement for IT Professionals
  • Noncompete Agreement for Research and Development Employees
  • Noncompete Agreement for Salespeople
  • Notice of Election to Cancel Contract
  • Privacy Release
  • Promissory Note
  • Second Notice of Overdue Account
  • Specific Release
  • Subcontractor Agreement (simple)

Georgia Corporation and Georgia LLCs Forms:

  • Amendment to Articles of Incorporation
  • Amendment to Bylaws
  • Approval of Corporate Minutes
  • Articles of Incorporation (for Georgia)
  • Articles of Organization (for Georgia LLCs)
  • Buy-Sell Agreement (simple form)
  • Bylaws
  • Georgia Certificate of Limited Partnership
  • Consent of Shareholders to Amendment of Bylaws
  • General Partnership Agreement
  • Incorporation Packages (including Approval of Corporate Minutes, Georgia Articles of Incorporation, Georgia Corporate Bylaws, Organization Meeting of Directors)
  • Georgia LLC Operating Agreement
  • LLC Formation Package (including Georgia Articles of Organization of LLC, LLC Operating Agreement)
  • Notice of Meeting
  • Organization Meeting of Directors
  • Georgia Partnership Package (including General Partnership Agreement)
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Special Meeting of Directors
  • Waiver of Notice of Meeting

Georgia Construction Law–Liens & Waivers:

  • Georgia Final Waiver and Release Upon Payment
  • Georgia Interim Waiver and Release Upon Payment

Georgia Notice to Owner/Notice to Contractor:

  • Georgia Notice to Owner/Contractor for Federal Government Projects
  • Georgia Notice to Owner/Contractor for State Government Projects
  • Georgia Notice to Owner/Contractor for Local Government Projects
  • Georgia Notice to Owner/Contractor for Private Projects
  • Georgia Request for Notice of Commencement for State of Georgia Projects
  • Georgia Request for Notice of Commencement for Local Government Projects
  • Georgia Request for Notice of Commencement for Private Construction Projects

Georgia Landlord Tenant Documents:

  • Amendment of Lease
  • Assignment of Lease
  • Demand for Rent
  • Landlord’s Consent to Sublease
  • Lease Termination Agreement
  • Monthly Rental Agreement
  • Notice to Terminate Tenancy
  • Notification to Landlord to Make Repairs
  • Residential Lease (simple form)
  • Residential Lease with Purchase Option (simple form)
  • Security Deposit Receipt
  • Sublease

Loans and Collections:

  • Mortgage
  • Promissory Note
  • Security Agreement

Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Estate Planning:

  • Georgia Advanced Directive of Health Care
  • Cancel Deceased’s Membership or Subscription
  • Codicil for Will
  • Codicil Revoking a Gift to a Named Beneficiary
  • Codicil Revoking Appointment of Executor and Appointing Substitute
  • HIPAA Authorization (Patient)
  • HIPAA Authorization (Practice)
  • Instructions to Custodian of Power of Attorney
  • Memorandum of Wishes
  • Notice to Creditors of Death
  • Notice to Creditors of Spousal Death
  • Notice to Homeowners Insurance Company of Death
  • Notice to Stop Social Security Payments After Death
  • Power of Attorney with Durable Provision
  • Request for Death Certificate
  • Request for Life Insurance Claim Form
  • Request for Life Insurance Proceeds
  • Revocation of Power of Attorney
  • Will for an Unmarried Person
  • Will for a Married Testator
  • Will Package for a Married Testator (includes Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care, HIPAA Authorization (Patient), Will for Married Testator)
  • Will Package for Single Testator (includes Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care, HIPAA Authorization (Patient), Power of Attorney with Durable Provision, Will for an Unmarried Person)
  • Wills Package for Married Testator (includes a Georgia Advance Directives for Health Care for each spouse, a HIPAA Authorization (Patient) for each spouse, Power of Attorney with Durable Provision for each spouse, and a Last Will and Testament for each spouse)

Other Services:

As our readers know, we always enjoy hearing from you.  And, if you want to see a particular service added to our Virtual Law Firm, please let us know!


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