Cobb Law Group is Pleased to Support Local Charity Event

Once again, the Cobb Law Group is pleased to be a supporter of the Thomasville Antique Show.  This amazing show has been described as one of the best “small” antique shows in the country.  The quality of antiques available are unparalleled in quality, but it is the people behind the Show that make it so successful.  In fact, this success has raised over $1,650,000 for the benefit of local children’s programs since its inception in the last 22 years!

The dealers at the show are all amazing–they are friendly, intelligent, and highly regarded in their fields and they come from across the country–from Florida to Maine to the west.  They always seem willing to help the novice collector and advise the experienced collectors.  Of course, this amount of money could not be raised with the dedication (and donations and time and creativity) of the leaders and volunteers.  This group has been working diligently for a year to guarantee another successful Show.  The speakers are always world-class and very educational, and this year’s speakers promise the same.   Susan Crater & Libby Cameron will be speaking on “Sister Parish Design”, Ron Morgan will speak on “A Glass Act” and give a floral design workshop, and Thomas Jayne will speak on “The Finest Rooms in America”.  Plus, there are antique appraisals and many other exciting events associated with the Show.

Ultimately, the time is donated and the dealers and speakers arrive each year because of the shoppers.   Some are generalists and some come looking for specific items; some spend a little money and others a lot, but everyone seems to enjoy the quality of the items for sale and the accessibility to some of the finest dealers in the county.

The Cobb Law Group salutes the Thomasville Antique Shows–it’s leaders, volunteers, dealers, and shoppers.  If you are looking for something new and interesting to do this weekend, come on out and shop the show for a good cause!

If you have been to the show, please let us hear about your experience!

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