New Unbundled Legal Services Added to Virtual Cobb Law Group

In today’s economy, finding quality legal representation at fair prices can be difficult.  That is why we at the Cobb Law Group are constantly trying to offer suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors and other construction professionals more unbundled legal services.  That’s right, you can go to our website, create an account, log in to your account, and pick and choose the specific legal services you need.  After you choose your services, you can pay via credit card, complete an online questionnaire and, typically within one business day, the form(s) you have requested will be sent to you.

Only a Georgia lawyer can give you legal advice about Georgia law.  Although we have a brick-and-mortar law firm, our use of technology and our modern business model allows us to offer a new way of delivering legal services in Georgia!

We are trying very hard to add at least one new form a week so check back often, but currently, we are offering the following forms and services for use throughout the state of Georgia:

•    Georgia Interim Lien Waiver Form
•    Georgia Final Lien Waiver Form
•    telephone consultation with a Georgia construction lawyer
•    email consultation with a Georgia construction lawyer

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