Since the economy’s nosedive, we have seen many changes to our law practice as well as our way of life.  And, perhaps, no industry has been hit harder than the construction industry.  When all this began, it seemed as though the recession was nature’s way of thinning out those who had entered the construction industry to make a quick buck; but as Lady Luck kept herself hidden, we began to see good contractors, good suppliers, and good people suffer.  The Time remain difficult at best, but we must see this storm through, and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

Since 2007 and 2008, our practice has shifted from business entity formation and contract negotiation and review to more mechanic’s lien filings, garnishments and commercial collections.  We’ve watched our clients’ businesses transform from large private construction projects to government bidding and residential work; we’ve witnessed new business models and new business plans as the construction industry reallocated its resources.  Every day, we see clients who are working hard to keep their businesses viable and maintain their work force.  We’ve been a part of mergers, public relations, and implementation of new credit protocols as our clients struggle to make their wages in this economy.  We have been so fortunate to witness all of this.  We have wonderful clients who display their dignity with every new job and each delay and every “promise to pay”.  Our clients inspire us, and they remind us that our job is more than a job.  We are here to help them along this path.  We aid their efforts to meet their business plan goals.  We give thanks for each and every client we represent.

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  1. Very interesting – a realm of which I am completely ignorant.
    Hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving.


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