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Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the November 23rd, 2010

Since the economy’s nosedive, we have seen many changes to our law practice as well as our way of life.  And, perhaps, no industry has been hit harder than the construction industry.  When all this began, it seemed as though the recession was nature’s way of thinning out those who had entered the construction industry
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A True Fairy Tale About Filing Construction Liens in Georgia

Posted in Filing Materialmen's Liens,Materilamen's Liens by Administrator on the November 18th, 2010

Isn’t a fairy tale a moral story–a tale with a lesson?  Here is a true story of a recent incident which involved good and evil in the lien filing process and, most definitely, a lesson for everyone who needs to file a materialmen’s or mechanics’ lien in Georgia: Day 1: Once upon a time, a
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