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Georgia’s Construction Mechanics & Materialmen’s Liens–A Primer

Posted in Materilamen's Liens,Notices to Owner (NTO's) by Administrator on the September 28th, 2010

We get telephone calls and emails all the time asking about filing mechanics and materialmen’s liens in Georgia.  Most people understand that the rules must be followed exactly, but they don’t know the rules.  In addition, the rules regarding the filing of the liens changed substantially in 2009 thereby forcing everyone to learn new rules. 
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Georgia’s Notice to Owners–A Primer

Posted in Notices to Owner (NTO's) by Administrator on the September 2nd, 2010

Most southeastern states require suppliers and subcontractors to give some sort of Notice of Furnishing or Notice to Owner (“NTO”); however, each state has its own special requirements and relying on one state’s requirements to get through another state’s requirements will land you in hot water.  We get a number a telephone calls each week
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