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Unjust Enrichment Claim Cannot be Brought by Suppliers & Materialmen

Posted in Materilamen's Liens,Unjust Enrichment by Administrator on the July 27th, 2010

Although a subcontractor, supplier or materialman can only make “one” recovery of money they are owed, they may be able to proceed under more than one legal theory in order to increase their chances of prevailing in their lawsuit.  Quantum meruit or unjust enrichment is one such theory which may be closed to those entitled
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How Do Arbitration Provisions Affect Enforcement of Materialmens Liens?

Posted in Arbitration,Materilamen's Liens by Administrator on the July 20th, 2010

Many construction contracts have provisions that parties must arbitrate–rather than litigate–their claims.  Although these mandatory arbitration provisions can be useful, saving the parties time and money, they can also cause hiccups in the enforcement of materialmen liens.  For example, in order to perfect a mechanics lien in Georgia, a lawsuit must file within one year
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Georgia Court Clerks Raise Fees (House Bill 1055)

Posted in Miscellaneous by Administrator on the July 7th, 2010

During these difficult economic times, most people have been very sensitive to cost increases; in fact, many businesses and law firms (ours included) have reduced fees in order to help our friends and clients.  Unfortunately, the costs of dealing with Georgia courts have just gone up.  They didn’t go up a couple of dollars or
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