Georgia Notice to Contractor & Notice to Owner Attorneys

In order to preserve the right to file a claim of lien, Georgia statutes require every third-tier subcontractor and material supplier to send a Notice to Owner and a Notice to Contractor within thirty days of commencing work on a Georgia construction project.  These notices are called different names including NTOs, NTCs, pre-liens, preliminary construction notices, and Notice of Furnishing.  Regardless of their name, unless the correct notice is sent, then rights to file a construction lien or a payment bond claim may extinguished.  Consequently, both national material suppliers and smaller local businesses rely upon the Cobb Law Group to send their notices throughout the State of Georgia.  We are a Georgia construction law firm whose clients understand that it is better to spend a little more in the beginning in order to save a lot of time and money later on!

Sometimes, however, these notice requirements have not been met, and you need to know quickly whether or not you fall into an exception to these notice requirements.  The qualified Georgia construction lawyers at the Cobb Law Group can fully analyze your situation to determine whether or not you may still be able to file a materialmen’s lien or make a payment bond claim.  Furthermore, our attorneys understand each of the unique remedies available to specialty contractors and suppliers who have not been paid for their work or services and can frequently suggest alternate remedies to obtain payment.

If you need to send a Georgia Notice to Owner or Georgia Notice to Contractor, then you may purchase these documents directly from our Georgia Virtual Law Firm Form Bank; if you failed to send proper notices and need to understand your legal rights, then please contact the Cobb Law Group today.