Georgia Post-Judgment Collection Lawyers

When a Georgia Court awards a monetary judgment, it issues a Writ of Fieri Facias (commonly referred to as a FiFa or a “judgment lien”) in favor of the prevailing party.  The Cobb Law Group engages in comprehensive post-judgment collection litigation and judgment enforcement throughout the state of Georgia.   Our years of experience and proven track record demonstrate the trust that many clients place in us to help them exercise their post-judgment collection rights and remedies.  The options that we may consider to enforce a Judgment include:

  • Discovery of and setting aside fraudulent conveyances;
  • Commencing an action to “pierce the corporate veil” and impose personal liability on corporate insiders;
  • Subpoena of books, records, and documents to locate assets;
  • Imposing levies on real or personal property;
  • Garnishment of bank and other accounts;
  • Wage garnishments, repossessions, and replevin proceedings; and
  • Lien Foreclosure actions

The Cobb Law Group develops customized and creative judgment enforcement plans to meet the needs of our clients.  If you have a Georgia judgment which needs to be collected, contact us today!