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New Arbitration Rules for Construction Cases

Posted in Arbitration by Blue Blog on the August 15th, 2014

by Mark A. Cobb Beginning this summer, there is a new set of supplementary rules for the arbitration of construction cases. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) promulgated these rules in an attempt to lower participants’ costs and to fast-track certain construction matters. The new rules do not apply to arbitration claims less than $75,000; similarly,
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How Do Arbitration Provisions Affect Enforcement of Materialmens Liens?

Posted in Arbitration,Materilamen's Liens by Administrator on the July 20th, 2010

Many construction contracts have provisions that parties must arbitrate–rather than litigate–their claims.  Although these mandatory arbitration provisions can be useful, saving the parties time and money, they can also cause hiccups in the enforcement of materialmen liens.  For example, in order to perfect a mechanics lien in Georgia, a lawsuit must file within one year
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