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First Virtual Construction Law Firm in Georgia to Offer Unbundled Legal Services!

We are thrilled to announce that the Cobb Law Group has begun offering some of it’s services on-line.  That’s right, we are one of the first Georgia Virtual Law Firms in the state, and we may be the first construction and lien law firm in the country!

There are a lot of document services out there, but as you have heard in the news, there are many problems associated with these companies including (i) failure to deliver the correct or most-recent documents, (ii) failure to provide state-specific documents, and (iii) legally, they may not be allowed to provide documents in your state.  So what are we doing that’s different?

Only a Georgia lawyer can give you legal advice about Georgia law. Although we have a brick-and-mortar law firm, our use of technology and our modern business model allows us to offer a new way of delivering legal services in Georgia!

As lawyers licensed to practice in the state of Georgia, we offer online legal services for those needing Georgia construction law, commercial collections, and small business law advice and documents. Our legal forms and documents include limited legal review/advice. It is important to note that we are not just a document preparation web site. We are a Georgia law firm offering limited legal services in a variety of legal matters to our clients: Our goal is to make access to law as easy and as affordable to everyone as possible.  So, if you need one of our services, here’s all you need to do:

•    Register as a client of the law firm. There is no cost to do this. We will do a conflicts of interest check. You must be a Georgia resident or have a matter that is within the jurisdiction of the Georgia in order to use our services. As part of the registration process, you must accept the Limited Retainer Agreement;

•    You will see a list of documents which we offer on-line; you click on a document name to purchase it and pay for your documents;

•    Complete a simple, online Questionnaire and submit it to us via our web site;

•    An attorney will review your submitted Questionnaire and contact you if additional information is needed to clarify your intent. If necessary, we will draft language to make sure the document reflects your intent and is right for your circumstances;

•    When your completed document is ready (usually within one business day), we will upload it to your MyLegalAffairs web space and notify you via e-mail;

•     Simply log into your secure web space to review, download and print your completed document. ?

We are excited to offer some of our legal services online.  If you need, for example, the current Georgia form for a lien waiver, you are able to access that form right here.  We are always adding new Georgia forms and unbundled legal services, so please check back often.  Currently, we have the following forms for use in Georgia available:   Georgia Interim Waiver and Release Upon Payment.    Let us know what you think!

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Recent ABA Forum on Construction Law held in Atlanta, Georgia

Posted in Miscellaneous by Administrator on the October 18th, 2011

Mark Cobb, Georgia Mechanics Lien LawyerI just returned from the fall meeting of the American Bar Association’s Forum on the Construction Industry (held this year in Atlanta, Georgia), and it was an exciting time!  It was great to see old friends and meet some new colleagues from across the United States; it was also a great opportunity to share thoughts about current cases and pending legislation.  In short, it was a fabulous time!

While we were there, we got to hear some amazing speakers discuss very pertinent topics facing construction lawyers and our clients such as the following:

  • a panel discussion on drafting construction contracts; the panel didn’t limit itself to discussion of the drafting process as it also focused on how contracts may later be applied by the parties to the specific construction project and how others (including judges) will interpret the contracts;


  • we also discussed all aspects of forum and jurisdiction including a thought-provoking discussion on whether federal court or state court is the better place to be for construction disputes (if you can choose); there was also brainstorming about construction arbitration and mediation and its advantages and disadvantages;


  • a personal favorite topic for me was a seminar on the strategies of technical defenses; because Georgia’s materialman and mechanics lien statutes are statutory, every statutory requirement must be met as the rules are strictly construed against the lien claimant; this seminar confirmed the importance of meeting each and every technical requirement (and addressed the severe and unforgiving consequences for a construction claimant’s failure to comply with all of the requirements; as an aside, I must also say that the speakers were particularly engaging and dynamic–thank you Douglas Oles and Eric Berg for your great workshop!


  • the seminar also tackled a very difficult topic–handling big, complex construction cases, and the panelists did a fantastic job of reminding every construction law practitioner how to add business skills and strategic planning to such matters.

There were so many wonderful speakers, topics and events that you can rest assured, I am just passing along some of the highlights; there were a number of other informative lectures, workshops, and panel discussions which have also given me a number of ideas for future blog entries.


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